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CES® 2022 Fast-Tracks The Future of Transportation

Overview Learn how leading vehicle tech companies like Mercedes-Benz, Qualcomm, VinFast and Blink Charging are advancing EV infrastructure, autonomous vehicles and more.

With more than 200 vehicle technology companies onsite — a 24% increase from 2020 — CES has become the broadest transportation trade show in the world. 

Recognizing the importance of reducing vehicle emissions and oil dependency, CES welcomed General Motors Chair and CEO Mary Barra as a keynote speaker. An outspoken supporter of all-electric vehicles, Barra discussed how the intersection of technology and transportation can create a sustainable future. 

From urban travel and automotive electrification to EV infrastructure and autonomous vehicles, mobility and travel were in overdrive at CES 2022. 

Mercedes-Benz Sends Drivers Farther 

Range on a single charge is considered one of the obstacles to widespread EV adoption, but Mercedes-Benz is leaving that behind. With its state-of-the-art materials — including a lighter design and battery advancements — the VISION EQXX is being marketed as “the new benchmark of efficiency.”  

Featured at CES 2022, this revolutionary concept vehicle goes the distance with batteries that are 50% smaller, 30% lighter and can go up to 620 miles on a single charge. Plus, with 95% of the energy stored in the battery reaching the tires, the VISION EQXX is leading automotive sustainability.  

VinFast Rolls Into the U.S. Market 

VinFast, Vietnam’s first global automotive manufacturer, is eager to accelerate the adoption of EVs with aggressive pricing — making all-electric vehicles attainable for anyone. Stepping outside of the Vietnamese market for the first time, VinFast introduced two new models during CES 2022. On the first day of the show, reservations opened in the U.S. and Vietnam for both new models, with e-vouchers available to those making early commitments. The new vehicles will be available by late 2022.  

VinFast’s entry into the North American market is coming quickly. The company is on track to open nearly 100 stores throughout the United States and Canada, and has plans to begin manufacturing in the U.S. by 2024.  

Blink Charging Speeds Sustainability  

Although the drive to an all-electric automotive future has gained momentum, charging infrastructure is still racing to catch up. Looking to boost the availability of charging solutions across the EV ecosystem, Blink Charging revealed seven new products during CES 2022. 

Included in the release were smart models designed for charging multiple EVs in a single household, and a commercial charger equipped with an LED display and the option to accept RFID, Apple Pay, Google Wallet and all major credit cards. Additionally, Blink introduced two new apps for private and commercial use, including the Blink Fleet portal — an integrated management solution that connects chargers, vehicles, fleet managers and drivers on a single platform. With these developments, Blink Charging is ready to power the future of EV charging infrastructure. 

Qualcomm Shifts Vehicle Intelligence Into High Gear 

For more than 20 years, Qualcomm has been supplying state-of-the-art technology to the automotive industry. But now, this global powerhouse is geared up to take vehicle technology to new heights.  

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon digital chassis and cockpit technology — a suite of hardware and software tools that boost vehicle intelligence and connectivity — has caught the attention of global automakers. Having already established a partnership with Renault Group, Qualcomm announced during CES 2022 that Honda and Volvo would be using these digital features in upcoming vehicles. As automakers navigate consumer needs, Qualcomm’s transformative technology is helping to pave the way for the next generation of vehicles. 

See You at CES 2023

CES returned home to Las Vegas in 2022, welcoming over 44,000 in-person attendees, with 40,000 joining the event digitally. The show was a true global event, with attendees representing 133 countries. Watch the keynote speeches, conference sessions, and more highlights from the show, now available on-demand.

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