Vehicle Technology

Vehicle Tech: Innovation on Overdrive

Overview Technology is reinventing the world of driving. Top automotive manufacturers are racing to be first to market, and to CES® 2023, with the smartest, safest and most efficient experiences. See what’s in store from companies including John Deere and Volkswagen.

The transportation tech of tomorrow promises a bold new world of conveniences, efficiencies and smart operations. From connected mobile apps and digital keys to EV infrastructure and autonomous vehicles, the industry’s top performers are powering up for CES® 2023.  


A Vehicle-Tech Who’s Who  

CES 2023 exhibitors are industry visionaries, leaders with a tenacious drive and a laser focus on the future. An impressive lineup is already forming.    

John Deere  

Deere continues to demonstrate a deep commitment to innovation, and technologies that help farmers improve their productivity and profitability against diminishing resources. Deere's fully autonomous tractor, announced at CES 2022, uses advanced cameras for smoother operation and 360-degree obstacle detection within an inch of accuracy.     

Deere extended its investment in autonomous technologies with its foray into autonomous crop sprayers. In April, the company announced a joint venture with GUSS Automation, a pioneer in semi-autonomous sprayers. The move is intended to help growers boost yields of high-value crops such as fruits, vegetables and nuts.   


Emphasizing accessibility that doesn't scrimp on innovation, Volkswagen innovates to make electric vehicles that push tech boundaries in ways consumers can readily embrace.   

Volkswagen’s first all-electric SUV arrived with an EPA-estimated 260 miles of range, 201 hp, fast-charging capacity and other features that facilitate EV adoption. The 2022 ID.4 adds 20 miles of range for an estimated 280 miles.⁠ From regenerative braking to an advanced lithium-ion battery in a vehicle that seats five, Volkswagen is modeling how far EV technology has come.  

The Picture is Getting Clearer 

Next year’s exhibitors know what the market wants and needs. Consumers demand more for their transportation dollar, and industry leaders are giving it to them. It’ll all be revealed at CES 2023. What will you discover? Find out how you can be part of the action.