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The Smart Home Gets Smarter as Consumers’ New Tech Hub

Overview An exploding marketplace for the smart home consumer is answering the call for convenience, efficiency and security at the user’s fingertips. The residents of today’s households are more discriminating and better informed than ever, and companies that include LG, Amazon and Samsung are meeting consumers where they live.

From smart appliances to remote security systems and voice assistants, consumers have embraced the richly connected home, a business sector expected to reach $23.8 billion this year. As CTA research indicates, and as energy costs rise, efficient devices and central-control platforms are category leaders. They offer consumers cost-saving and simplified solutions for lighting, cooking, laundry, entertainment and much more.
Technology businesses are taking today’s homes to new efficiency heights. Three CTA members and leaders in this space, LG, Amazon and Samsung, are returning to CES® in January to show what they’re bringing to market as smart homes get smarter.


Showcasing an array of solutions for a more connected and sustainable future, the LG World Premiere at CES 2022 celebrated, and elevated, "the better life you deserve." LG’s commitment to improving every aspect of household routine was brought to life through the ThinQ™ platform, an AI-powered hub that allows homeowners to control a suite of appliances from their smartphones. Global audiences saw the solution in action at CES 2022.
The upgraded ThinQ platform learns and evolves to meet the needs of individual lifestyles. With a wide assortment of Wi-Fi enabled appliances and one app to manage them all, LG simplifies the controls for a suite of smart appliances. Users can remotely control settings for the air and climate at home with LG's smart air conditioners, dehumidifiers and PuriCare air purifier. Do laundry from the sofa by starting and stopping wash cycles remotely. Turn the air conditioning on or off, up or down, with a smart phone. Remotely set the oven so that dinner’s ready after the ball game. Set the refrigerator to vacation mode for saving energy over spring break. LG never fails to impress CES audiences, with multiple Innovation Awards honors for smart home and accessible appliances in 2022.


Ring and Fire TV remain consumer favorites for home protection and entertainment. At CES 2022, Amazon upped the value proposition, showcasing innovative features and functions newly added to these popular products. For Ring, the company announced the Ring Alarm Glass Break Sensor that uses AI technology to detect glass-break events, such as when windows are smashed, from up to 25 feet away. The sensor dismisses false alarms like jingling keys or clattering dishes. If sound is detected, an alert is sent to the user’s smart phone. Sensor settings can be updated to automatically trigger the Ring Alarm siren when in Home or Away mode.
Announcing that Fire TV crossed a major milestone of 150 million-plus devices sold worldwide, Amazon showcased even more for consumers to love in amazing entertainment. The company introducing a new Fire TV experience that goes from home to the car. Use Alexa or on-screen touch controls to access Fire TV’s extensive in-car content, including favorites from Prime Video. Amazon also enables personalization so that the Fire TV experience looks the same whether on the living room TV or in the car.


Smart home innovator Samsung continues to impress market-watchers and consumers worldwide. With Innovation Award honoree Home Hub, a handheld device to control appliances, and the Smart Induction Built-In Cooktop, Samsung is making housework easier.
Samsung’s Home Hub streamlines household chores with a flexible touch-screen device to manage appliances. Whether cooking, folding laundry or minding a child playing out of sight, the busy consumer at home has another set of eyes and hands with Home Hub. It will read recipes step-by-step, alert when laundry’s done, and allow livestream viewing from a SmartThings-enabled camera. The Samsung 30-inch Smart Induction Built-In Cooktop uses Wi-Fi and advanced electronics for precision meal prep. The cooktop is an industry first for reducing energy use and lowering emissions while cooking. Together, along with dozens of other products, the Home Hub and Smart Induction Built-In Cooktop dramatically boost consumers’ home care experiences.
As these companies demonstrate, connected devices and their tech in consumer households make day-to-day experiences cleaner, safer, more efficient, even fun. Good news for tech businesses: July 2022 CTA research indicates a return to pre-2020 levels of technology sales after 2021’s historic purchasing surge led to a record $504 billion in U.S. retail revenue. Sectors driving growth in 2022 are those that make life in and around home a better experience. Topping the list, along with smart homes, are 5G/smartphones, gaming and health tech with smartwatches and fitness trackers.   
With residences now serving as office, gym, entertainment hub and more, it’s clear that smart home products are wildly in demand as they immeasurably enrich these evolving domestic headquarters. What’s next for tomorrow’s connected home? Find out at CES 2023. Be first in line for registration, and plan your visit to see how confirmed exhibitors are changing the world.

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