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The Itsy-Bitsy Spider Made a Better Microphone

Overview By copying nature’s greatest designs, Soundskrit has made the world’s finest directional MEMS microphone. For the population that works from home, in particular, Soundskrit’s supportive features, such as background noise removal and acoustic dereverberation, mean less stress in the home life and more happiness for all. Consumers can say goodbye to yesterday’s audio challenges.

You’re on an important call at home, trying to close a big deal for your company. This is a once-in-a-lifetime deal, the kind you only have one chance at. It will not only skyrocket your company’s standing, it might also turn into that promotion you’ve been aiming at for years. Then, the worst happens: Your home erupts into a cacophony of noise as dogs barking and kids yelling drown out your speech. The call ends with no big deal, no promotion and no peace.
Working from home can be challenging. People have to balance their own working habits with the chaos of those around them, whether that chaos is a family, a roommate who works from home, or just noise on the street. This chaos introduces disharmony in the home, making what should be a peaceful working situation difficult and tense. People need a change.
Sometimes the biggest changes come from the smallest of animals. After years of study, researchers at Binghamton University and Cornell University discovered that the hearing systems of spiders, which sense flow of air rather than air pressure, could be utilized to improve microphone technology. This discovery led first to Soundskrit, a portmanteau of sound and Sanskrit, and then to the SKR0400, the world’s first and finest directional MEMS (or microelectromechanical systems) microphone.
The need for this microphone has never been greater than now. Today’s consumers are plagued with audio issues, such as disruptive background noise and low-quality audio, that make online calls difficult to get through. These problems are particularly pronounced for the sizable population that still works from home.

The Downside of Work from Home

Working from home effectively can be more difficult than it seems, despite the lack of commute and its many conveniences. Households can be very disruptive and noisy, especially when one doesn’t live alone. Roommates, family and loud noises throughout a neighborhood can disrupt the delicate balance that is work from home. These distractions can interrupt important business, leading to increasing tension in what could be a productive setting.
Not everyone has access to the best working conditions at home. Some people’s living situations lack the space for a dedicated office, while others don’t have a door to close. People have to do their work in communal spaces which are bound to get noisy at the worst times. And difficulties with hardware and audio peripherals make helpful items, such as headphones, impossible to use. People need technology that can help mitigate these problems.

Microphones Designed for the Home

Soundskrit fixes these issues through directionality. The combination of Soundskrit’s software and hardware can steer an audio beam so that a conferencing device will only listen to one area, meaning no background noise will be picked up. Background noise in the home is no longer an issue, as Soundskrit microphones won’t pick it up.
Anyone who works from home with others around knows how disruptive background noise can be. When people have to work in close proximity to each other, they are constantly struggling with each other’s schedules and their own home needs. People feel as if they are not free to do what they wish in their own home, even when they make sure to be quiet.
With Soundskrit, the home becomes a more welcoming working site as communal spaces and work spaces can coexist. People will no longer have to tiptoe around, desperately trying to stay silent while their roommate is on an important call. The house becomes a happier place with Soundskrit microphones, whether people have a dedicated office at home or work in a shared space.

 A Happier Home for Work

Work can be stressful, even under the best of circumstances. With the home turning into a work space, that stress shouldn’t carry over to every other resident. Soundskrit microphones make work fromhome comfortable, allowing everyone to relax into their lives without worrying about being disruptive.

The easiest way to improve the home is to improve the things we have around the house. Soundskrit provides such an improvement through its directional MEMS microphones, which cancel out background noise, strengthening the delicate balance between work and home life. Who knew spiders could be so helpful around the house?
Check out more of Soundskrit’s innovations here and visit booth #51168 at CES 2023. Visit Soundskrit online to see what else we have to offer.