Razer: Taking Gamers Farther, Faster

Overview CES Tech Talk podcast, now in its sixth season, features interviews with industry experts who bring you an insider’s look at what to expect at CES 2023 in January. New episodes drop weekly; subscribe via your favorite podcast platform for the latest updates. This week, find out how gaming equipment company Razer is evolving new avenues to intensely immersive experiences. Hear from SVP Bob Ohlweiler, himself a hardcore gamer, as he lifts the veil on the company’s greatness process and plans.

Razer has big things planned for CES 2023 that gamers, from casual players to the pros, will want to sample. The company’s line of devices and accessories are built to take users as close to the outer limits as immersive experiences can go. The product names themselves tell a story of top-of-the-line creativity and innovation: The BlackWidow and Huntsman keyboards, the Kraken and BlackShark headsets, the Deathadder and Viper mice. Bob Ohlweiler tells the rest of the story about Razer’s approach to design and development, how the company differs from competitors and what may be revealed in Las Vegas. Visitors to Razer booth 15083 will be met by experts who design and build the gear, and who will let attendees try it out.
Plus, Razer never comes to CES without something new to show. Bob drops some hints in episode 7, Razer’s Got Fresh Game for CES, of the CES Tech Talk series.


  • Through the recently debuted Razer Edge, a handheld console-quality device, gamers can experience ultra-high-quality production values in gaming, entirely untethered
  • Razer concepts and products benefit from close collaborations with publishers, even esports athletes and technology providers like Intel, Nvidia and AMD, all elite innovators exhibiting at CES
  • With the acquisition of Interhaptics, sensory experiences and tactile feedback are amping up, above and beyond Razer controllers
  • This company is serious about sustainability – a partial list of initiatives includes a commitment to carbon neutrality by 2030, planting millions of trees and the Restorify program for advancing green education and carbon credits 

They Said It

We can provide an amazing amount of immersion without VR today, with our haptic technology, with the imagery of our audio, with the frame rates of our monitors, and with the lighting that surrounds it. But there's a level of immersion that VR provides that becomes really interesting, and I think we're getting close to being on the verge of that having a much more material impact on gaming than it has previously.

Bob Ohlweiler (00:00)

[At CES 2023] you're going to see how we're taking today's gaming to the next level, and we're going to be showing all sorts of new products that really bring gaming to the next level on a computer side, on a peripheral and accessory side, in mobile gaming, in console gaming and in PC gaming.

Bob Ohlweiler (08:23)

Razer at CES 2023

Visit CTA member Razer at booth 15083, Las Vegas Convention Center, Central Hall. The company will have  product managers at the booth for visitor discussions and questions. Razer experts have been working around the clock, and will be onsite, to make sure the exhibit impresses. Attendees can look forward to seeing concepts and much more.  

Bob Ohlweiler, Sr. VP, Sales and Marketing

Bob Ohlweiler leads Razer’s regional sales and marketing operations. He’s also in charge of Razer’s global direct-to-consumer businesses, including and retail brand stores. With nearly 30 years of experience in digital media sales, channel and direct-to-consumer sales, marketing and business development experience, Bob is also a self-described hardcore gamer. He holds an M.A. in management from Purdue University, with a B.A. in business administration from Norwich University.

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