At CES®, Tech Drives Food Security as a Human Right

Overview As the world’s leading showcase for technologies that change lives, CES 2023 is shining a bright light on innovations that tackle the world’s most pressing problems. And few problems are more pressing than food insecurity. The food and agriculture industry increasingly relies on tech to make farming and food production more efficient, accessible and sustainable. Companies like John Deere are doing their part.

Food security is a central pillar of human rights that will be on prominent display in Las Vegas in January. New for CES 2023, the Consumer Technology Association (CTA®) has partnered with U.N. affiliated World Academy of Art and Science (WAAS) to boost awareness of the U.N.’s Human Securities for All (HS4A) initiative. The goal is to highlight tech’s essential role in supporting United Nations efforts to advance and secure basic human rights.
As natural resources become more scarce, and feeding a growing population becomes more challenging, tech innovators are finding new ways to feed a hungry planet. From precision agriculture to urban and indoor farming, technology is playing an increasing role in the food sector to promote food security. Emerging technologies are creating more efficient processes while automating manual and labor-intensive jobs to improve crop yields and meet food demands.
CTA member John Deere is a leader on this front and is in good company with other innovators at CES. Find out what Deere is doing in the fight to conquer food insecurity and look ahead to their keynote at CES 2023.

John Deere Harvests Returns Through Tech

John Deere’s determination to innovate in the interest of food security is evident in, among other firsts, the fully autonomous tractor the company debuted at CES 2022. It uses advanced cameras for 360-degree obstacle detection within an inch of accuracy. The benefit is improved production at reduced costs. The autonomous tractor can operate independently around the clock in all weather conditions to optimize output.
The company also is going autonomous with crop sprayers. Through its joint venture with GUSS Automation, a leader in semi-autonomous sprayers, Deere is working to help growers increase yields of sensitive and profitable crops that include vegetables, fruit and nuts.
It’s not just about who's driving the tractor, either. Deere, through its Blue River subsidiary, has developed technology to reduce herbicide use on fields. Cameras on sprayers use computers that allow them to distinguish between a crop plant and a weed, and spray only the weed. This precision agriculture keeps chemicals out of rivers and reduces the use of herbicides by 90% while keeping crop yields high.

Securing Crops Through Connectivity and Ingenuity

John Deere is just one of the companies demonstrating how technology innovation is exploding in battling food insecurity. Across the sector, high connectivity and internet access have decreased mechanical downtime that interrupts planting and harvesting schedules. Machine learning paired with high-speed internet allows connected technology to work within narrow windows of optimal time to make sensitive farming decisions.
Companies like AGROVE, 2022 Innovation Award winner for La Parcelle, are leveraging AI and internet apps to enable improved access to fresh produce. La Parcelle is a modular system for vertical cultivation that connects to AI-powered apps for garden management and education.
As La Parcelle demonstrates, technology is making urban and indoor farming both possible and popular. Smart cities efforts are leading to more office building gardens and vertical farms. Nourished by LED lights, and hydroponics and aeroponics technology, small-scale and ultra-local farming affords easier access to fresh produce while helping to reduce food waste.
See for yourself how technology is redefining farming and agriculture. CES 2023 is all live January 5-8, 2023. Be among the first to register.

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