CES Exhibitors Model Planet-First Practices

Overview At the crossroads of technology and sustainability lies an ideal scenario: A cleaner, greener planet populated by consumers and businesses that work smarter while polluting less. Technology is changing what was once science fiction to tech fact as global businesses incorporate sustainability innovations into product design and production. Bosch, P&G and Samsung are among those showing how industry can realize sustainability and profitability.

Increasingly in the world of business, sustainability is as much a precondition of competitive success as it is a moral imperative. Environmentally friendly technology helps create value by achieving performance expectations while minimizing waste and emissions. Take a look at what CES 2023 exhibitors have accomplished through commitment and technical ingenuity.


A climate action pioneer, Bosch promotes the expansion of renewables, and works continuously to advance energy efficiency. Since 2020, Bosch and its 400-plus company locations worldwide have been climate neutral. Most of the energy Bosch Group consumes worldwide, 89% in fact, is green.
Moreover, Bosch has been carbon neutral worldwide since 2020 – the first global industrial enterprise to attain this achievement. At the same time, Bosch works to further its climate action efforts to increase energy efficiency. The company now is tackling emissions generated along its supply chains and during product life cycles, seeking a 15% reduction in emissions by the decade’s end. When that goal is realized, it will amount to 67 million metric tons.


In September 2021, P&G set a goal to achieve net zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions across its operations and supply chain, from raw material to retailer. P&G also shared a Climate Transition Action Plan that outlines a comprehensive approach to accelerating climate action. The plan covers the entire lifecycle emissions of products and packaging across supply chain, operations, consumer use of P&G products, and product end of life.
Expanded use of renewable electricity helped enable P&G’s 56% reduction in emissions. While the company exceeded its 2030 goal to reduce absolute emissions across operations by 50% compared to 2010, its work isn't finished. The company is well on its way to using 100% purchased renewable electricity. Next is the eventual elimination of emissions from natural gas. To that end, P&G has joined with 18 other manufacturers and local governments to create the Renewable Thermal Collaborative. The coalition is committed to scaling up renewable heating and cooling at participants' facilities to dramatically cut carbon emissions.


This 2022 Innovation Award winner, recognized for its Eco Remote Control, has aggressively pursued sustainability as a core value. Samsung rolled out eco-conscious innovations that include smartphones and monitors incorporating materials recycled from discarded fishing nets and ocean-bound plastics, as well as new, low-power semiconductors. It also has developed AI-based SmartThings Energy, a service that helps conserve energy by using a power saving mode built into smart home appliances. That’s in addition to SolarCell remote controls chargeable by sunlight or indoor lighting.
Samsung has increased its renewable energy use by 31% compared to 2020. It has done so by spreading renewable energy consumption throughout its worldwide business premises. It plans to achieve a 100% status in its businesses in Latin America and Southwest Asia by 2025, a goal that has already been reached in the U.S., Europe and China.

A Shared Vision: Human Wellbeing Through Sustainability

These companies will be showing the world what they can do for the planet, and for consumers, in Las Vegas, January 5-8. Their demonstrations will complement the show’s theme of human security for all. CES has partnered with U.N. affiliated World Academy of Art and Science (WAAS) to lead awareness initiatives that sustain human wellbeing.
The partnership’s goal is to highlight the critical role of technology in support of United Nations efforts to advance human security for all. Sustainability is a common theme across the WAAS and U.N. pillars that underpin core human rights.
Experience how technology is transforming industry for the good of our planet. CES 2023 is all live January 5-8, 2023. Be among the first to register

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