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With Panasonic, Olympians Medal in Good

Overview Panasonic, a worldwide Olympic partner for the Tokyo games, has partnered with Olympic and Paralympic athletes to create Team Panasonic, whose mission is to empower the next generation to achieve their dreams through sports, education and healthy living.

In addition to designing and engineering audio and visual products and experiences in the Olympic stadium, Panasonic is expanding its connection with the worldwide games to build on  the company’s vision for giving back to society with Team Panasonic.

Announced at CES® 2020, Team Panasonic comprises leaders in their respective sports who are committed to contributing to society.

At CES 2021, CES 2022 exhibitor Panasonic shared how they are sponsoring and supporting the work that Olympians and Paralympians are passionate about.


Mental Wellness with Swimmer Michael Phelps

The most decorated Olympian of all time, swimmer Michael Phelps is passionate about mental wellness, and his foundation’s IM Program is encouraging water safety, physical and mental wellness, and goal-setting for youth.

"I started the Michael Phelps Foundation in 2008 because I wanted to give back. I wanted to give every child the opportunity to chase their goals and dreams," Phelps said.

Panasonic is helping expand the IM Program to Boys & Girls Clubs across the U.S.


STEM Education with Swimmer Katie Ledecky

At the Tokyo games, five-time Olympic gold medal swimmer Katie Ledecky will become the ambassador for the STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) area at the Panasonic Center in Tokyo.

Ledecky, a Standford graduate, is passionate about education and is inspiring new generations of students to pursue careers in STEM areas. In partnership with Panasonic, Ledecky launched the digital STEM education program “Dive Into STEM Education” aimed at encouraging students to explore STEM careers.


Motivation from Long Jumper Lex Gillette

Four-time blind Paralympic medalist in the long jump, Lex Gillette believes that strong relationships helped him — and help others — reach success.

“Lex's entire life has been an inspiration,” said Lauren Sallata, chief marketing officer for Panasonic Corporation of North America. “But over the last year, he's step things up even more, working with Panasonic to spread his motivating message to people and communities that need it most.”


Strengthening Community with Karate Star Sakura Kokumai

Sakura Kokumai, a rising star in karate who will represent the United States in the Tokyo Olympics, will take part in the opening of a multi-use community center Terasaki Budokan that is scheduled to open in Los Angeles in 2021.

"Growing up, my first introduction to karate was at a local recreation center,” Sakura Kokumai said, “so I know the value of having somewhere to go in the community to be active, especially for youth."

Since CES 2021, Panasonic has added three athletes to the Team Panasonic roster: figure skater Nathan Chen, speed skater Maame Biney and snowboarder Noah Elliot.

“Adapting, giving back and continuously moving forward. These are values we share with each of the passionate members of Team Panasonic,” Sallata said.


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