Startups Bring Ideas to Life at CES 2021

Overview CES® 2021 welcomed almost 700 startups to the digital venue, showcasing new ideas that address needs across every industry. Take a look at five of these startups and the solutions they’re bringing.

Every year at CES®, promising startups debut products, find investors and forge partnerships, setting the stage for the future of technology.

At the first-ever, all-digital CES 2021, it was no different. Influential tech dreamers launched next-generation products to tackle challenges around the world.

Here is a deeper dive into five of the almost 700 startups from 37 countries that joined us at CES 2021, with revolutionary innovations that cover a variety of topics. Sign in to the digital venue to explore each exhibitor.



CES 2021 Best of Innovation Award winner Voiceitt is an accessible app designed to serve individuals with dysarthria caused by medical conditions, such as Cerebral Palsy, Stroke, ALS, Parkinson’s disease, Down's syndrome, Traumatic Brain Injury and any other type of non-standard speech to communicate and control smart assistants and smart home products with their own voice.

The app identifies and adapts to an individual’s unique speech patterns, including breathing pauses and non-verbal sounds, so that those with severe speech impairments can communicate effectively, even without internet.



FaSAC helps monitors plant growth environments through various sensors and AI systems. The program collects data such as disease in plants, temperature, nutrient concentration, pH value and more and is able to automatically adjust to the specified requirements needed for a plant to enable optimal growing conditions.

The system can also identify and alert users to new disease problems on their plants or drastic external factors, allowing the user and agricultural companies to expedite solutions.


Digital Health and Food Tech

The Mission: Space Food team is a group of aerospace engineers, health scientists, cognitive nutritionists and Michelin star chefs working together to revolutionize nutrition. Focusing on better human health through food, the team created food that brings more nutrition while maintaining flavor. Astreas, a nutrient-dense chocolate truffle that is the team’s first product, was first developed for astronauts, who must be at their best mental and physical condition while under high-stress situations.

The team has brought this food to earth to leverage that same idea and help humans on earth optimize their health while enjoying their food.


Remote Learning

Taiwanese startup FlyingCrazyer is meeting the challenges of traditional online courses. The company’s research revealed that online courses typically only had a 5% completion rate and students deemed the courses ineffective.

Through artificial intelligence (AI), FlyingCrazyer can provide timely feedback to students, help instructors or programming assign homework, effectively analyze learning effectiveness, and better tailor the program to the needs of each learner.


Retail and eCommerce

The MySize ID app uses sensors on a smartphone to measure the user’s size and match the measurements with those on a retailer’s size chart. The widget on the browser integrates into websites, allowing the user to shop conveniently for correctly sized clothing even with sizing inconsistencies between manufacturers.

For retailers, MySize offers analytics with aggregated data to help businesses understand customer behavior and their overall customer base, allowing them to restock and personalize shopping experiences more effectively.



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