Reimagining Possibilities with Best of Innovation Award Winners

Overview Every year, CES® Innovation Awards recognize products with outstanding design and engineering. Explore five of the Best of Innovation winners who are redefining accessibility, entertainment, healthcare and more.

The CES® Innovation Awards is an annual competition honoring outstanding design and engineering in consumer technology products across product categories. Among the recognized honorees, the Best of Innovation award is given to only the highest-rated product in each category, or multiple in the event of a tie.

Explore five out-of-the-box Best of Innovation award honorees who are changing the way consumers communicate, receive health care, learn and more.



Helping patients, caregivers and health care professionals better manage epilepsy, Epsy Health app provides actionable insights through data analytics. The app helps patients track seizures, medication compliance and triggers. By identifying trends and patterns, the app empowers patients to understand their condition and take control of tangible steps to improve their quality of life.



Imverse Live3D

Imverse Live3D is a vocel-rendering engine and software that allows real-time capturing, editing and streaming of live 3D holograms of multiple people simultaneously. Live data manipulation, real-time VFX and scene renderings allow Imverse Live3D to reimagine teleconferencing, gaming, online education, telehealth, live concerts and more.



LUMI Keys 1

From Beethoven to Beyoncé, musical hits are more easily learned with the help of LUMI. Users can select songs in the app and play them instantly by following lights on an illuminated keyboard. LUMI offers a convenient way for users of all ages to learn piano, and is the world’s first integrated hardware, software and content platform for music learning.




MOFLIN is an artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled furry pet that differs from other robotic friends. Possessing emotional capabilities that evolves through AI pattern-recognition, MOFLIN is able to better evaluate and react to its surroundings through sensors and interactions. MOFLIN will choose from movement and sound combinations to best express its emotions to interact with the user.




An app that redefines accessibility, Voiceitt is designed to serve individuals with dysarthria caused by medical conditions, such as Cerebral Palsy, Stroke, ALS, Parkinson’s disease, Down's syndrome, Traumatic Brain Injury and any other type of non-standard speech. Voiceitt identifies and adapts to the user’s unique speech patterns, including breathing pauses and non-verbal sounds, so that individuals with more severe speech impairments can use it to communicate and control smart assistants with their own voice.



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