Augmented & Virtual Reality

It’s Better Virtual: AR, VR Take the Stage

Overview Recording artist, billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban, and Audi Sr. VP Henrik Wenders reveal how they see augmented and virtual reality evolving in their industries in the coming years.

Augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) has change telehealth, travel and more, making worldwide attractions and experiences accessible from a distance in 2020.

Leaders and experts in all industries are seeing the value that AR/VR brings to the table and the solutions the technology can enable.

Renowned musician, global investor and entrepreneur Mark Cuban, and Audi’s Senior Vice President of Brand Henrik Wenders joined CES® 2021 to explain the ways AR/VR is providing better processes and how it will improve experiences in their fields.


Audi and Vehicle Technology

Stay-at-home restrictions and distancing requirements that quickly became the norm in 2020 urged retailers — including car dealerships — to change the way they interacted with customers. As in-person touch and feel abilities were on hiatus, Audi adjusted to the new decision-making process of car purchases.

Alongside podcasts and virtual press conferences, Audi leveraged VR goggles to virtually present its cars to audiences while maintaining the immersive experience. Audi has long believed in the value of AR/VR. Its virtual reality experience allows customers to view the full range of options without showroom limitations.

SEE THE FULL INTERVIEW and Music and Entertainment

“There is a race to build immersive, deep virtual worlds,” said.

Beyond the use of a 3D, virtual reality camera, foresees a more extensive focus on building immersive experiences to reimagine that way music lovers interact with music.

“Videos and song and albums, everything about music is going to reimagined in this next decade,” he said.

Noting that people love going to concerts for the experience of being around people and the bass, said that having that same sensation heightened through AR/VR for everyday music listening will change the music scene.



Mark Cuban and the World of Sports

Cuban highlights how increased accessibility of higher bandwidth and wireless capabilities has changed how sports fans enjoy their favorite games. Looking ahead a few years, Cuban notes that 5G — and soon, even 6G — paired with key technologies such as AR/VR can advance the way the industry distributes sports entertainment.

“If you’re gambling on a game, you’ll see gambling related,” he said of future experiences. “If you’re a 10-year-old kid who likes sports and wants to watch the NBA with special characters overlaid, there will be overlays for that.”

It will be a far more personalized experience, and Cuban believes that in 10 years, the world will look back and think what we see today is archaic.



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