Five CES Innovations Let Solar Power Shine Through

Overview Tremendous innovation and development in the solar industry are helping the world move toward a cleaner, more sustainable future. At CES® 2021, many exhibitors put the power of sunlight on display.

More than 170,000 terawatts of solar energy strike the Earth continuously, making solar energy the most abundant energy resource on earth and offering the potential for worldwide families and businesses to gain access to affordable, clean energy.

With people everyone recognizing sustainability as a business and moral imperative, new solutions and developments can help make eco-friendly, solar powered living a reality.
Here are five innovations from CES® 2021 that are showing off the power of sunlight.

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Ariel by Solar Breeze

On hot days, pool owners are often discouraged from jumping in if debris is on the surface. Ariel is the new robot changing the pool industry by eliminating hand-skimming and combining the force of solar-power with intelligent technology to pre-collect debris from pool surfaces.

Solar panels that produce enough power to run the unit and charge the battery during the day. Ariel also reduces pool pump run times by as much as 60%, helping save energy costs.



GoSun Inc.

Cook, cool, power, light and purify with solar power through GoSun products. The newest GoSun Flow — a CES 2021 Innovation Award winner — is able to purify water on the go for showering, handwashing and drinking, by using solar energy to filter pathogens and pump clean water. The GoSun Brew allows users to conveniently make a hot cup of coffee wherever they are.



Maxsa Innovations

Consumer Technology Association (CTA)® member Maxsa Innovations had a line of solar powered lights on display at CES 2021. Solar powered post cap and deck railing lights, flag lights, floodlights and video camera lights allow homeowners to sustainably and cost efficiently obtain lighting needs around the home.



Samsung TV 2021 Neo QLED Remote

Embracing sustainability, Samsung’s 2021 TV remotes for its Neo QLED TVs contain rechargeable batteries and a solar cell. The cell can recharge the remote with basic indoor lights, and the remote also has a standard port that plugs into any charger. Samsung estimates that rechargeable batteries will save 20 million single-use AAA batteries from the garbage.



Sono Motors

Sono Motors positions the new Sion car as the first affordable Solar Electric Vehicle. The solar powered car charges itself; the hood, fenders, sides, roof and rear of the vehicle carry solar cells that visually blend into the surface. The Sion is also equipped with a household socket that also allows the vehicle to share solar power with other electric cars and high-voltage devices.



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