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How Cameras Create the Spirit of Kyosei

Overview Canon’s corporate philosophy is Kyosei: all people harmoniously living and working together into the future. From skateboarders to explorers to astronauts, innovative thinkers are embracing and sharing the spirit of Kyosei through camera lenses.

Kyosei is the philosophy of all people, regardless of race, religion or culture, harmoniously living and working together into the future.

It also happens to be the corporate philosophy and spirit of imaging leader Canon, a CES® 2021 exhibitor.

Driving commitments to environmental initiatives, sustainability, conservation and more for the company, Kyosei also guides Canon and its partners to contributing to the protection and sharing of the communities and spaces we live in and touch.

For CES 2021, Canon worked with various experts in their fields, from skateboarders to astronauts to a wildlife photographer, to create fully immersive experiences that highlight how imaging technology can shape a future inspired by Kyosei.


Reviving Skate Haven Love Park

Skate photographer and Canon explorer of light Atiba Jefferson worked with Canon and other skaters to create an immersive volumetric video studio, bringing back the original Love Park in Philadelphia — known as a legendary skateboarding spot before its remodel.

“Love Park became this hub that built a huge community,” Jefferson said of the original park. “It was always somewhere where everybody got together no matter where you came from.”

The studio leveraged virtual reality and imaging to give audiences and skateboarding dreamers a chance to experience the skateboarding heaven from anywhere in the world.

“One thing skateboarding has taught me is unity and to embrace everybody,” Jefferson said. “I try and do that with my photography. I really hope my photography brings people together.”

The Canon team aims to harness the cameras that enabled the volumetric studio in future use cases in sports entertainment and more to share and champion worldwide experiences.


A Cosmic Perspective

The Canon team says, “by making high-resolution space imaging more accessible, we can develop a more holistic view of our planet and make better decisions to create a brighter future for everyone on it.”

The Canon CE-SAT-I, a wine barrel-sized microsatellite camera, provides us with detailed shots of our planet.

“When you see the planet from space, you think we should be all crewmates on this spaceship Earth and not just passengers,” said astronaut and Colonel Terry Virts. “My time in space has really showed us how people can live and work together in ways that we’re not doing down here on the planet sometimes.”

The high-resolution camera can help track ocean pollution, detect wildfires, manage traffic, optimize crop yields and much more, all from a new perspective, allowing us to improve our commitment to the world — embracing Kyosei.


Running with the Wolves in Yellowstone

Canon has partnered with Yellowstone Forever, the official nonprofit of Yellowstone National Park to create opportunities for people to experience, enhance and preserve the national park.

Wildlife photographer and Canon explorer of light Charles “Chas” Glatzer leverages photography to redefine the way we see life.

Kyosei means living in harmony with the planet; it means living in harmony with the wildlife and nature,” Glatzer said.

Observing up close through a camera lens how nature evolves with every change — such as the decrease or increase of wolves — allowed Glatzer to see Kyosei in real time. High-resolution shots of the wildlife he captures at Yellowstone and elsewhere enables him to share the beauty of nature’s Kyosei with the rest of the world.


Through capturing diverse experiences like the three on display at its interactive and immersive CES 2021 exhibitor showcase, Canon hopes to further encourage Kyosei through innovation.

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