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Four CES 2021 Gadgets for Kid-Friendly Fun

Overview In 2020, new tech-powered toys and tools kept younger audiences engaged and entertained without a screen. Explore four family-friendly innovations that were on display at CES 2021, suitable for kids and child-at-heart adults.

Technology has long been part of the toy industry, with digital solutions even being integrated and retrofit into many of our classic favorites. But technology itself is also becoming a kid-friendly offer.

From tablets to headphones, tech gadgets are evolving to offer a tech-savvy younger generation access to a connected, educational and entertaining lifestyle.

At CES® 2021, companies debuted and shared a number of innovative gadgets suitable for a younger audience and good family fun, without a screen. Learn more about four of the offerings on display.


ColdSnap: Frozen Treats in a Flash

Single serving pods of frozen treats, including frozen yogurt, ice cream, smoothies, coffee and even cocktails for the adults, are inserted into the Keurig-style machine. In less than two minutes, the machine dispenses the frozen treat of choice for a quick and mess-free snack that kids can easily use on their own.

The treat-holding pods are also infinitely recyclable and are shelf-stable, contributing to a 25% to 50% reduction in carbon emissions associated with making and distributing ice cream.


Robosen: Make a Robot do a Backflip

The K1 Interstellar Scout introduced by Robosen at CES 2021 is perfect for future tech entrepreneurs and engineers to try programming and coding for the first time. The robot can flip, dance, follow voice commands and more.

17 servo motors and 18 specialized microcontroller chips allow users of all ages to explore how to make a robot kick, flip and turn in a variety of ways.


Segway: Mini Wheels for Kids

Segway’s Ninebot S Nano, a CES 2021 Innovation Award winner, is a self-balancing electric scooter with a 13.7-mile range, designed specifically for children. It is equipped with an intelligent voice assist system and Bluetooth speaker and remote control functions. The Ninebot S Nano can also be converted into a remote gameplay vehicle.

At CES 2021, Segway also unveiled three other Innovation Award-winning vehicles, including the Ninebot Gokart PRO.


Skoog: The Cube of Curiosity

A soft and squeezable cube, Skoog is designed to fit in the hands of all children ages three to nine, and provides learning and entertainment opportunities.

Interactive stories, musical play- and sing-alongs, games and more paired with a growing library of content provide children with screen-free and non-repetitive play. The cube was originally designed to help children with disabilities express themselves through music, and has now collaborated with Sesame Street.


On-demand programming from the all-digital CES 2021 is now available for all to view. The industry-changing insights and announcements shared by tech visionaries at CES 2021 are key to the continued growth and advancement of your business and our tech ecosystem. With that in mind, we’ve opened the CES sessions to everyone.

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