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AT&T Named Digital Health Company of the Year

Overview CES® 2021 exhibitor AT&T Business was named the Digital Health Company of the Year in Frost & Sullivan’s Best Practices Recognition. Innovative digital solutions from AT&T are helping transform the world of healthcare.

Connectivity powerhouse AT&T, a CES® 2021 exhibitor and Consumer Technology Association (CTA)® member company, has long been known as a leader in its mission of connecting people with who and what they love. From providing mobile services to helping to distribute entertainment with WarnerMedia, AT&T has a robust footprint across the world.

Less known, however, is AT&T’s transformative work in the healthcare industry, leveraging the power of technology to revolutionize the way patients receive care — from the waiting room to the operating room to the living room. The company was recently recognized as the Digital Health Company of the Year in Frost & Sullivan’s Best Practices Recognition.

Innovative digital solutions from AT&T are changing the way care is delivered and received, and improving how healthcare organizations operate.


Transforming the Digital Hospital

Hospitals and clinics can evolve the patient experience to increase satisfaction through edge-to-edge digital tools. Ride-sharing services offering free transportation for patients to get them to appointments, patient authentication and secure check-in, in-facility navigation tools, and more can increase efficiency and comfort for patients.

One example of AT&T solutions in this area is the AT&T Internet of Things (IoT) enabled fleet management, which can help hospitals optimize vehicle routes, integrate compliance tools and get patients and staff to appointments safely, securely and on time.


Connecting Caregivers

Data, apps and tools can enhance the ways caregivers connect and stay in communication with patients and each other. AT&T cybersecurity solutions help protect patient information in systems so remote communication and collaboration are risk-free. Physicians can also communicate with on-the-go first responders via the dedicated AT&T FirstNet network to improve ER workflows.


Connecting Pharma Plant and Distribution

Healthcare organizations can use IoT and mobile workflows to help manage product quality, inventory, and more with up-to-date analytics. AT&T can help companies track packages and pallets and monitor all information through cloud-based apps available at any point. Web-based dashboards and portals help organizations track lifesaving medications and their critical statuses, such as temperature. Predictive maintenance solutions also prevent potential problems with product quality.


Connecting Pharma Research and Development

R&D processes from discovery through clinical trials are improved with real-time insights. AT&T solutions can keep intellectual property secure and help present content in efficient and interactive ways. For times where people must be apart, AT&T’s well known mobile solutions can accelerate file sharing and collaboration through cloud-based private networks.


Improving Business Operations for Payers

The company’s contact center solutions, mobile services, cybersecurity services and more allow AT&T to help healthcare organizations adapt to evolving markets and policies and manage memberships, costs, new regulations and more. This enables organizations to be nimble and pivot business operations as needed.


Helping Payers Engage Members

Services such as VPN and network analytics help diversify network portfolios and grow provider and patient membership for healthcare organizations. Engagement tools allow doctors and caregivers to better assist providers and members with appointment attendance to make sure the care given is valuable.

From providers to patients, people along the healthcare chain can therefore stay informed and feel heard.


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