Accessibility and Usability Shine at CES 2021

Overview The CTA Foundation brings technology to seniors and people with disabilities as a means for enhancing lives. At CES® 2021, the CTA Foundation and future innovators shined a light on a new generation of accessibility and usability solutions.

For the last eight years, the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)® Foundation has featured technologies that help older adults and people with disabilities stay connected and work, live and play independently. And at CES® every year, we are thrilled to see many of these tech solutions and converseations thrive and make their way into the hearts of our CES audience. This year was no different.

We witnessed the all-digital CES 2021 provide new opportunities to engage with the companies making new and innovative technologies and services for people of all ages and abilities.


A Part of the Diversity Conversation

Throughout CES content, there was a theme of technology for good and broadening diversity and inclusion. Diversity of age and disability are a piece of that broader conversation.

The Technology Combating Isolation panel featured participants talking about the technologies enabling connection. The panel featured a wide range of solutions, from Kisiah Timmons highlighting an all-blind Yahoo Fantasy Football league to Bradley Heaven featuring the technologies that enable him to continue school using his AAC devices for communication, to the technologies of Ryan Herd that help keep our loved ones safe and provide caregivers with peace of mind.


Providing a Platform to Share Experiences

The CTA Foundation also hosted  partner programming that featured the winners of the Administration for Community Living’s MENTAL Health Innovation Challenge, Verizon’s partnership providing connections in Philadelphia and Baltimore, and interviews with other nonprofits working in this space. In total, the CTA Foundation had over 40 interviews with companies, nonprofits and other innovators doing great work to meet the needs of older adults and people with disabilities. They are all available online now.


Future Innovators Focus on Accessibility

A core part of CES is the exhibitors. This year, there were an incredible collection of technologies from across product categories that benefit older adults and people with disabilities. 

Many hearing products were on display, from apps like HeardThat by Singular Hearing to bone conduction like AfterShokz and hearing devices by companies like Alango Wear & Hear, Olive Union, Rexton, Widex and more.

AARP Innovation Labs brought nine startups, including CES 2020 CTA Foundation pitch competition winner Zibrio.

Companies like Caregiver Smart Solutions, CarePredict, Buddy by LiveFreely, Unaliwear and many more featured devices that keep older adults safe and connected with their caregivers. We also had companies like the American Printing House and Sensible Innovations creating solutions for people who are blind or low vision. 


I encourage attendees to take a look at all of these solutions. See how they can benefit you or your loved ones, and explore how these technologies integrate into the larger consumer technology ecosystem to keep people connected whether at home, at work, or other aspects of their daily lives.

On-demand programming from the all-digital CES 2021 is now available for all to view. The industry-changing insights and announcements shared by tech visionaries at CES 2021 are key to the continued growth and advancement of your business and our tech ecosystem. With that in mind, we’ve opened the CES sessions to everyone.

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