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WW Uses Tech to Inspire Healthy Habits

Overview The transformation of WW, formerly Weight Watchers, from a weight loss company to a wellness company involved a digital transformation as well. WW is truly a technology company, with a human-centric overlay, offering an ecosystem of wellness.

WW has built a tech-enabled, personalized wellness experience using the same technology driving many of the latest innovations: artificial intelligence and machine learning.

“The experiences that are the most personalized, the most seamless, and that provide the greatest satisfaction of our needs are going to be the ones that become most important in our lives,” said WW CEO Mindy Grossman during the CES® 2021 session “The Digital Transformation of Personal Wellness.”


AI and Machine Learning Help Personalize Wellness Journeys

Before and after signing up for WW, customers take assessments about their lifestyle and needs. With those inputs, an artificial intelligence machine learning system generates a suite of recommendations in all areas of wellness. Areas include

  • Smart points food program

  • Physical activity

  • Strength

  • Resilience

  • Sleep tracking

WW digital, studio and personal coaching also encompasses support for stress and mindset. Recommendations become more personalized as customers engage with the program.

“As human beings, we want to be inspired, we want to be motivated, and there’s a certain level of gamification to it,” Grossman said.

By using technology to track behaviors like food consumption and activity levels, WW can pinpoint changes and prompt outreach to get the customer back on track or offer support if they’re going through a difficult time.


WW Taps into Wearables

As with any artificial intelligence or machine learning solution, the amount and quality of the available data are paramount to providing actionable insights. That’s why WW has partnered and integrated with devices and platforms to more easily gather customers’ wellness data, such as exercise and hydration.

WW has collaborations, integrations or partnerships with

“At the end of the day, it’s in service of how we can help people develop the habits that are going to be livable and sustainable, as well as efficacious, to help them lead better, healthier lives,” Grossman said.

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