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OMRON Healthcare: Vital Insight Into Heart Health

This article is an excerpt from a story originally published in It Is Innovation (i3) magazine.

Overview OMRON Healthcare President and CEO Ranndy Kellogg shares how OMRON’s blood pressure monitors have transformed the global heart health marketplace and introduces the newly launched remote patient care service, VitalSight™.

Kellogg has a powerful vision for the OMRON Healthcare: to create a future free of heart attack and stroke by changing how people connect with their heart health.

For more than 40 years, the company has been a leading manufacturer and distributor of heart health and wellness products including home blood pressure monitors and electrotherapy devices, selling more than 200 million units. 

What makes VitalSight unique?

Our team designed VitalSight specifically for hypertension management and to foster greater patient-to-physician communication and data sharing to improve treatment engagement and health outcomes.

When our team was developing VitalSight, we knew that this service needed to be easy to integrate into clinician workflow and plug-and-play for patients. Patients receive a VitalSight kit delivered to their home, including a connected OMRON blood pressure monitor and data hub that is pre-set to share data with their physician.

This data is integrated directly with the clinician’s electronic medical record system or the OMRON Doctor Dashboard. Doctors can personalize data thresholds for each patient and receive alerts for high readings through their electronic medical record.

OMRON has collaborated with the most forward-thinking hospital systems and independent physicians in the U.S., like Mount Sinai in New York and Northwestern Medicine in Chicago. The early feedback we’ve received from physicians is encouraging and shows that VitalSight is helping doctors improve engagement with their patients on their treatment plans to manage hypertension.

How do your other connected monitors help consumers and/or physicians who treat them?

OMRON has transformed the global heart health marketplace with the introduction of HeartGuide™, the first wearable blood pressure monitor, and Complete™, the first blood pressure monitor with EKG combined in a single device for use at home.

As a wearable, HeartGuide fosters regular monitoring and really puts the consumer in touch with their condition. The physician receives more data from monitoring and gains more insights for treatment decisions.

We created Complete to help serve those who must manage AFib, a condition that comes with five times higher stroke risk, and to help anyone who has a family history of irregular heartbeat.

Irregular heartbeat is often missed at the doctor’s office because it is just that — irregular. With Complete, anyone can easily monitor for this condition at home, and our customers say it gives them greater peace of mind to know they have a more complete view of their heart health.

OMRON is also innovating our digital health services. HeartGuide and Complete — and all of our other connected blood pressure monitors — will pair with our new app, OMRON Connect 2.0, which allows users to securely store, track and share their health data with their families or physician and monitor their numbers over time.


Transforming the Heart Health Market

Read the full interview with OMRON Healthcare President and CEO Ranndy Kellogg to hear how COVID-19 affected remote patient monitoring, OMRON’s data security and how older consumers are adopting these technologies.

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