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One Smart Thermometer Can Help Slow Disease Spread

Overview There are more than 1 million Kinsa smart thermometers in the U.S. The connected data can help keep disease outbreaks at bay.

The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the importance of tracing and predictive models in health care. The quick onset of COVID-19 cases has accelerated the need to anticipate and mitigate the spread of infectious diseases.

CES® exhibitor and Consumer Technology Association (CTA)® member Kinsa has been aggregating public health data from its more than 1 million thermometers across the U.S. to build a robust information system to identify areas at risk of a more severe coronavirus outbreak.

Even before the global health crisis, Kinsa’s technologies have helped users monitor their health and take wellness into their own hands at home.

More Knowledge, Less Uncertainty

Receiving almost instantaneous data about fevers around the nation, Kinsa’s dashboard can track the spread and duration of flu and other diseases. Parents, employers and users can also enter other symptoms into the corresponding Kinsa app, enabling more accurate predictions of the severity of the flu season, for example.

The Kinsa app also maps illness levels in the user’s location by aggregating anonymous data, allowing users to react faster, including taking preventive measures or visiting the doctor earlier. Beyond a temperature reading, the app also keeps a log of family health, tracks medications and offers personalized guidance based on age, fever and symptoms. It then makes a recommendation about whether the user should treat the illness at home or see a doctor.

Enabling a Safe New Normal

The Kinsa smart thermometer and Triage App can help employers and schools to safely bring staff and students back to work and school. The app reminds users to take their temperature, effectively screening students and employees before they leave their homes.

For users who have fevers or are showing symptoms, the app guides them to the care they need, linking to existing benefits or resources based on the school or company.

Data-driven dashboards help guide decisions about when to implement testing, deep cleaning, work-from-home policies and more. For schools, the dashboard can dissect data at grade levels for more in-depth preventive care.

Healthy On and Off the Court

As live sports events return to arenas and courts, Kinsa is partnering with the NBA to monitor the health of players, coaches, staff members and reporters.

Using the Kinsa thermometer is one of the ways sports leagues are making sure their athletes and staff are staying safe and taking the necessary precautions while still delivering live sports entertainment.

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Faces of Innovation Inder Singh CEO of Kinsa

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