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Samsung Launches the Age of Experience at CES 2020

Overview Samsung presented the company’s vision for revolutionizing the consumer lifestyle during the Samsung keynote, showcasing human-centered technologies and experiences on the CES 2020 keynote stage.

Samsung Consumer Electronics Division President and CEO H.S. Kim took to the CES® 2020 stage to proclaim the coming of an “Age of Experience,” with Samsung creating and launching innovative products that offer personalized consumer experiences.

From enabling homes to meet individual and custom needs to transforming buildings and transportation systems, Samsung’s latest products highlighted how technology can further enhance everyday life and address bigger challenges.

“In the Age of Experience, we need to rethink the space we have to accommodate our diverse and evolving lifestyles,” Kim said.


The Personal Care of Tomorrow

Samsung has a human-centered vision, focusing on self-care and the well-being of consumers. Through technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), the company aims to provide consumers with convenient and personalized solutions for richer lifestyles.

In his opening remarks, Kim unveiled Ballie, a ball-shaped, mini robot that rolls alongside users and anticipates needs around the house. The life companion uses on-device AI capabilities to act as a fitness assistant, alarm clock, sous chef and more, by learning users’ routines and needs.

“We believe AI is the future of personalized care,” said Dr. Sebastian Seung, executive vice president and chief research scientist at Samsung Electronics. “On-device AI puts you in control of your information while delivering the power of personalization.”

A live, immersive demonstration of Samsung’s Gait Enhancing & Motivating System (GEMS) technology showed how users can use augmented reality glasses to work out with virtual personal trainers, climb mountains and more from their home, all while receiving personalized movement recommendations and feedback.


Make a House a Home

Beyond experiences for individuals, Samsung’s innovations also offered a look into customized smart homes.

Dr. Federico Casalegno, chief design innovation officer of Samsung Design Innovation Center, said, “As a living organism, the intelligent home will be a deeply personal space, tailoring experiences for each of us.”

Highlighting how appliances — like Samsung’s Bot Chef — can become chefs, nutritionists and meal planners, and even at-home greenhouses, Samsung put on display the ways houses are now able to interact with their residents and transform into any space and assistant that is desired.


Building a Smart City

Samsung’s vision also extends to the community at large. It aims to save energy, cut down emissions and help achieve sustainability.

The company highlighted how innovation can change smart living, such as intelligent appliances requesting and addressing repairs before residents notice.

“We have the tools and the knowledge to create intelligent systems that make living in the city more engaging, safe and efficient,” said Emily Becher, senior vice president and head of Samsung NEXT Global.

Becher shared how a combination of 5G, edge computing and AI can also improve transportation and connect cars in a smart city, creating a new sense of community.

Kim concluded the keynote by highlighting three key areas for Samsung: security and privacy, technology for good, and citizenship.

Through technology, Samsung is setting the stage for a better future and providing solutions for consumers to live healthier, enriched, more sustainable lives.

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