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Tech Giant Google Champions Veterans’ Mental Health

Overview CES® exhibitor Google launched a new website aimed to help veterans, their families and allies find local resources to help with mental health concerns and other challenges.

The added stress from the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic has exacerbated mental health challenges and put an emphasis on emotional and mental well-being.
The Wounded Warrior Project recently released a survey reporting that the pandemic has significantly affected veterans, with 52% reporting that their mental health is worse with the pandemic.

Technology powerhouse,  CES® exhibitor and Consumer Technology Association (CTA)® member company Google is now using its platform to support veterans with a new veterans’ wellness website, Serving Veterans.

Google hopes that the hub will help lessen the stigma associated with the mental health challenges experienced by veterans. The Serving Veterans site offers a variety of resources.

Veterans Service Organizations

To provide veterans with direct, professional resources, the site offers a filterable list of credible service organizations that can help veterans on their mental wellness path. Descriptions of the organizations, which span a broad range of needs and programs, can help veterans identify organizations that suit their unique situations.

The site also offers a locator tool to help find addiction recovery support groups and more in local areas.

Easy-access resources like these can minimize the stress of searching for help.

Community Support

Google also included personal stories and videos from a broad and diverse group of veterans, furthering offering community support and helping emphasize to those who need resources the importance of asking for help.

Authoritative and informative resources on the website for families, friends and allies help create a strong support network for veterans and helps these supporters navigate their own concerns when caring for a veteran.

Building Awareness

For those who have never served in the military, Serving Veterans offers courses to help people familiarize themselves with the military culture and relevant information.

From information about how to engage in meaningful conversations with veterans to options for how to get involved in veteran community programs, the site’s resources build awareness about veterans’ lives and some of the mental wellness challenges faced by veterans, giving everyone the tools to best support the diverse community of veterans.

“The hope is that increasing the visibility and availability of these resources will reduce the barriers to access for the people seeking them,” said Bill Ostlund, GSRS global security manager YouTube and U.S. Army veteran, on the Google blog.

The Google team hopes that more tools like this become available and that greater solutions can help veterans and their families find the support they need.

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