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Verizon Closes the Digital Learning Divide

Overview CES® 2021 keynote company Verizon recently supported efforts to provide digital learning tools to New York City students. The mobile communications powerhouse has various initiatives to bridge the digital divide in education and help underserved communities.

With many schools temporarily closed and continuing distance learning, many students, particularly those in more remote communities, may be experiencing a lack of internet access and connectivity. The digital disparities these students face prevent them from connecting with teachers and peers during a time of fully remote learning and reduces their access to online learning tools.

Verizon — a CES® 2021 keynote company — is working to bridging this digital divide as part of the company’s continued commitment to digital inclusion. Various initiatives, particularly during the coronavirus pandemic, have made significant strides in making sure students have the resources they need to succeed.

Supporting the Most Vulnerable Communities with Tech

Verizon is supporting New York City public schools by donating 20,000 mobile hotspots to students who are under-resourced in internet and technology access. Available until August 2022, the data plans for the mobile hotspots will help students who lack reliable internet access to continue remote learning during the pandemic.

Grant funding from Verizon during the coronavirus pandemic is also allowing students to access online resources such as virtual reality tools, 3D design, game design coding and other technology activities.

The Verizon Innovative Learning

These initiatives and commitments are part of the Verizon Innovative Learning program, which inspires students with tech innovations and fosters digital inclusion in education.

The program focuses on a variety of initiatives, including:
  • Funding STEM education for under-resourced communities.
  • Working with technology experts to build and administer STEM curriculum.
  • Providing teachers with tech tools and platforms.

Verizon Innovative Learning Labs, which includes solutions in augmented in virtual reality, robotics and entertainment technology — some leveraging Verizon’s 5G Ultra Wideband — aims to prepare students for the future workforce by giving them access to the digital tools and technology they need.

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