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IBM and Salesforce Join Forces to Help Organizations as They Strive to Safely Reopen

This article is based on and is in part an abstract from a story originally published on the IBM blog.

Overview IBM and Salesforce are partnering to help organizations as they strive to safely reopen and provide individuals with a privacy-preserving way to share their vaccination and health status.

As businesses emerge from the disruption of the pandemic, they are taking into consideration all that is needed to return safely to public events and normal operations.

IBM, a CES® 2021 exhibitor, has partnered with Salesforce to deliver a solution for organizations. The IBM Digital Health Pass integration with the Salesforce Workplace Command Center, is designed to give companies a single hub to help make data-driven decisions as they look to minimize risk, take action where needed and communicate effectively.

Users can share their vaccination and health status on their smartphone, helping organizations bring employees back to offices, visitors back to hotels, concert goers back to music venues and sports fans back to stadiums, in a customizable way.

Powered by Blockchain

IBM Digital Health Pass is part of IBM Watson Works, a suite of applications that leverage technologies such as data, artificial intelligence and blockchain to help employers make safe and critical business decisions as businesses return to the workplace.

Built on IBM Blockchain, the Digital Health Pass is designed to incorporate data from various sources — such as test results, vaccination records or temperature checks. Users can securely share their health pass through an encrypted digital wallet and, with the benefits of blockchain, the pass can be verified, trusted and tamperproof.

Multi-Industry Use Cases

Supporting any organization that is aiming to reopen their business, the IBM Digital Health Pass is not limited to office goers. It is designed to enable various use cases across multiple industries, including:

  • Travel and transportation. Cruise ships, airlines, hotels and travel authorities can implement the Digital Health Pass with necessary criteria for travel. For example, they could include stringent requirements for establishing passenger wellness before they board a plane or a ship.
  • Sports and entertainment. Sports and entertainment venues can set the criteria for health status and entry requirements. Individuals could share their encrypted health pass for entry to large scale events such as sports games, concerts and amusement parks.

The Digital Health Pass is one of a number of solutions that IBM offers to address needs as vaccine availability scales.

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