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How TiVo Is Disrupting Entertainment and Putting Customers First

Overview TiVo, an Xperi brand, is looking to solve key consumer pain points around viewing content, leveraging experience and innovation to disrupt the entertainment market.

An abundance of streaming options paired with the sudden increase of time spent at home with the onset of a pandemic have created the unique problem of overchoice in the viewing landscape — difficult decision making because of an excess of options.

TiVo, a CES® 2021 exhibitor, is looking to solve that very problem.

“Our goal is to marry the worlds of live TV and streaming, creating a simpler, more unified experience for viewers who are tired of hunting through different apps and interfaces to decide what to watch,” said Chris Thun, TiVo’s VP of Product.

Customer-Driven and Content Agnostic

Consumers often search for something to watch across multiple platforms, spending time they could be viewing a program simply browsing. TiVo Stream 4K changes this by being what the team calls content agnostic — taking into account the customer’s preferences across all video services.

Including third-party services in its recommendations as well, TiVo is focused on putting the customer in the driver’s seat and becoming a hub for viewership regardless of the service the customer ultimately chooses.

Four Steps to Solve the Problem

Four key pillars have helped guide TiVo in this ambitious plan.

Universal Discovery

By bringing all the shows a viewer enjoys into a single universal watchlist, TiVo eliminates the need to jump from app to app, navigating different user experiences and watchlists in every app — simplifying the entertainment journey.


TiVo leverages artificial intelligence-enabled personalization algorithms to recommend and predict what viewers will find most interesting based on past viewing behavior, regardless of where the shows are available to watch.

Marriage of Live TV and Streaming

TiVo was one of the first to combine live TV with streaming options, and the combination affords customers a more robust selection that is still catered to their interests. Customers on TiVo Stream can select the live TV services that are included in the recommendation guide.

Choice and Control

A final principle guiding TiVo is to empower customers to filter and control their user experience, including choosing the services that flow through universal discovery.  Compared with incumbent streaming platforms — several of whom own their own content services — TiVo’s content agnostic approach allows for a laser focus on connecting consumers to their optimal content and services.


Because of TiVo’s experience and content independence, the TiVo team is uniquely qualified to drive customer-focused disruption in the streaming landscape. Creators, advertisers and marketers can all benefit from TiVo’s innovations. TiVo’s content agnostic experience enables businesses to more effectively engage with audiences and drive dedicated viewership — through one hub.

Register for the all-digital CES 2021, hear more from TiVo, and connect with the TiVo and XPERI team on the digital venue.

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