CES 2019 Eureka Park Entry Criteria

CES 2020 Eureka Park entry criteria is not yet confirmed.
You can get a general idea of what we look for by reviewing the CES 2019 entry criteria below.

Your Eureka Park application and website will be reviewed by a team to determine whether you qualify for Eureka Park. Your application may also be reviewed by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)™ Market Research team, which can sometimes delay the response time for your qualification status.

Your application will be assessed in terms of the following criteria.

Eureka Park Entry Criteria

  1. The technology displayed must be applicable to the consumer technology space: If you dream that your technology would benefit consumers one day, then you belong in Eureka Park.

  2. If a company has launched their first product, it must have been launched on or after January 1, 2018. Any startups with products that launched before this date will not be considered.

  3. Crowdfunding campaigns, pre-orders and beta stage are allowed.

  4. Your product or service must be innovative with the potential to make a profound impact on the market.

  5. You may showcase products or services, and they can be fundamental inventions with broad applicability. 

  6. The technology must be demonstrable as a prototype or software mockup; no paper or concept entries. 

  7. You must display finished goods and under their own brand name(s) rather than as an OEM or ODM. 

  8. Must be a first-time exhibitor.

  9. Startups are limited to a maximum of (2) years in Eureka Park

CTA reserves the right to cancel exhibitors who do not adhere to these entry criteria and/or the terms and conditions on the space contract.

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