Zero Mass Water


Deploying its hydropanel technology at scale globally, Zero Mass Water provides a clean, sustainable and resilient community drinking water solution. From CES 2020, the team secured new partnerships and unprecedented media coverage.

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Zero Mass Water, a technology company dedicated to making clean water a boundless resource, is showing what resilience technologies can be with its hydropanels, which gather water through air and sunlight for safe drinking.

Zero Mass Water is producing clean water for consumption in schools, businesses and houses in regions across the world. The company turned to CES® as the platform to share its hydropanel technology with a wide global audience.

“This is one of the biggest things we do every year, and it’s allowed us to get the word out and to build our community,” said Kaitlyn Fitzgerald, director of brand at Zero Mass Water.

At CES 2019, Zero Mass Water secured an outdoor exhibit space to demonstrate the simplicity and accessibility of the SOURCE panel, the world’s first and only hydropanel.

“We come to CES because there’s no better place to share renewables, to share hydropanels, and the future of sustainable technology,” Fitzgerald said. “It gives us a phenomenal platform for media outcomes.”

Zero Mass Water returned to CES 2020 to launch the Rexi Hydropanel, a residential version of the SOURCE panel that consumers can purchase. The Rexi is solar-powered and equipped with sensors and a cellular connection so that users can check its status at any time.

The team also showcased SOURCE fields as a new capability to create and deliver renewable water. The large-scale hydropanel arrays create an ongoing supply of water for communities and businesses. To date, Zero Mass Water has four SOURCE fields to service communities, with more in production.

We come to CES because there’s no better place to share renewables, to share hydropanels, and the future of sustainable technology.

Kaitlyn Fitzgerald
Director of Brand, Zero Mass Water

“Our main goals at CES are to talk to media and get a high volume of publications so that we can start the year with a lot of stories from very strategic outlets,” Fitzgerald said.

By the second day of the four-day show period, the team had already surpassed the media coverage numbers from the previous year. Garnering 324 million impressions and 17 pieces from top-tier media, Zero Mass Water exceeded their goals and expectations.

“The momentum that we get at CES carries us through building partnerships, reaching our goals and building our brand,” Fitzgerald said.

Looking ahead, Zero Mass Water board member Carmichael Roberts noted how, in the future, water farms could be created to provide a higher volume of drinking water to communities.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if at some point the company designs versions that are light enough to go in a backpack for people in the armed services,” Roberts said.

Fitzgerald said that the team is looking forward to what may come from their next CES show: “Every year, it becomes a better and better platform for us to tell our story and tell the story of sustainable technology.”

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