Recreational boating company Brunswick Corporation is redefining the marine industry by integrating cutting-edge technology, design and innovation. At CES® 2020, Brunswick met with key partners, attracted potential clients and received unprecedented media attention.


photos and videos taken
of the Sea Ray SLX-R 400e

Brunswick is a leader in recreational boats, marine engines, marine systems and technologies, and shared access boating, and the company is dedicated to integrating customer-focused technologies to improve boating experiences. Brunswick looked to CES as a platform to debut its latest boat, showcase its industry-leading technology and garner new partnerships.

“We wanted to use CES as a platform to display our products and technologies to people who might not normally be exposed to contemporary boats and advanced marine propulsion,” said Dave Foulkes, CEO of Brunswick, “and open a window on our company and our industry.”

By exhibiting for the first time at CES 2020, the Brunswick team aimed to highlight the alignment of the new technologies being developed for other applications with the evolving needs of boating, opening new opportunities for collaborative advancements.

“It’s about positioning Brunswick and the marine industry as equivalent to the other verticals in terms of the relevance and application of new technology,” Foulkes said.

At CES 2020, Brunswick premiered its latest boat, the Sea Ray SLX-R 400e, which is equipped with three 450R outboard engines. The unique, eye-catching boat displayed in a spectacular booth captured the attention of CES attendees, resulting in more than 90,000 photos and videos taken of the Sea Ray SLX-R 400e during the show. For reference, that is more photos and videos than the total number of people who attended the 2020 Miami International Boat Show, which is usually known as the Super Bowl of boat shows. 

Brunswick’s CES exhibit space also showcased the new Fathom e-Power system that powers all of the systems on the Sea Ray boat, as well as a concept helm featuring an enhanced consumer interface that incorporates gesture and voice recognition.

“CES 2020 was another major demonstration of Brunswick’s commitment to using technology and new business models to redefine the marine consumer experience,” Foulkes said.

The Brunswick team focused on its ACES strategy (Autonomy, Connectivity, Electrification and Shared Access) at the show:

  • Autonomy: Through its internal developments and its partnerships with MIT, Sea Machines and
    others, Brunswick is advancing augmented boat operation.

  • Connectivity: Brunswick showcased its industry-leading suite of connected technologies, including its NAUTIC-ON and Vessel View Mobile systems.

  • Electrification: Brunswick showcased its Mastervolt advanced battery systems and power management as an alternative to a generator to power boat accessory systems.

  • Shared Access: Shared-access boating provides an alternative to ownership. Freedom Boat Club, which Brunswick acquired in 2019, is the largest boat club in the world, with more than 220 locations, and allows those who do not own a boat to enjoy the boating experience.

CES 2020 was another major demonstration of Brunswick’s commitment to using technology and new business models to redefine the marine consumer experience.

Dave Foulkes
CEO, Brunswick

“CES is a great combination of tech and lifestyle, because the attendees and the format of the show give you an opportunity to do something ‘wow’ and also present innovative technology,” Foulkes said. “The ability to present the combination of future concepts and tech — it works uniquely well.”

From CES 2020, Brunswick garnered media coverage from around the world, and more than 50 companies expressed interest in future partnerships.

“We knew that CES would showcase Brunswick’s capabilities on a global stage,” Foulkes said. “The response to our exhibit was incredible.”

The Brunswick team also saw results in other ways, such as winning the “Best of CES” award from Exhibitor Magazine, which honors the Top 20 of the 4,500 exhibitors at the show.

“The part of CES you don’t quantify but is really meaningful as well is how it engages so many people throughout the company,” Foulkes said. “Everyone who participated gave their best.”

Brunswick plans to return to CES 2021 with new technology and innovations.

“The Brunswick team is excited about our participation at CES, and we are already looking forward to demonstrating our rapidly evolving technologies and capabilities again next year,” Foulkes said.

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