Become a Media Trailblazer

The CES 2023 Media Trailblazers program will award 20 up-and-coming media and digital content creators with travel and accommodations for CES 2023.

The program will provide new media access to CES and offer resources to maximize time, discover newsworthy content, navigate different areas of the show floor and cover keynotes and conference sessions.
Media and digital content creators can self-nominate or be nominated by a peer, superior or Trailblazers alumni. The deadline for submissions is Friday September 16, 2022. The following requirements must be met to be considered for the CES 2023 Media Trailblazers program:

  • The program is open to any nominee who, as of date of nomination, is at least 18 years of age or older (19 years of age or older in Alabama and Nebraska) and a citizen of the United States or the District of Columbia.
  • ​Must be able to attend Media Days and CES 2023
    • Attend both Media Days (Jan. 3-4, 2023)
    • At least two days of CES 2023 (Jan. 5-8, 2023)
  • Must cover technology, business, or a relevant show vertical
  • Must meet CES 2023 media or digital content creator* credential qualifications:
Media employed by media company and freelancers on assignment for outlet Digital content creators (*creators meeting 75% of the below metrics will be considered on a case-by-case basis)
  • Three articles published within the last nine (9) months with your byline.   
  • Letter from editor or producer on station/network letterhead or from a company email address that states you are covering CES on assignment.  
  • An about page or masthead from newspaper, publication or blog listing you as an editorial contributor.   
  • 50,000 or more monthly views on YouTube; OR 
  • 75,000 or more monthly video views on TikTok
  • 50,000 or more Instagram followers;
  • 30,000 or more Twitter followers; OR 
  • 25,000 or more LinkedIn followers; AND
    • Three tech-centered articles on LinkedIn published within the last 12 months; OR
    • Named one of LinkedIn “Top Voices” in the Technology category within the last 6 years
  • 10,000 or more monthly podcast streams.  
  • Must have been employed by current outlet or had content in circulation no more than three years

  • Past CES attendance

    • Media employed by an outlet must not have attended CES in person more than two years

    • Digital content creators must not have attended CES in person more than three years

  • Must share two relevant published pieces of work and have nomination through online form