CES 2023 Exhibitor Digital Activation Support

Learn how your company can connect with attendees and media during show days through February 28, 2023 by using the CES Digital Activation.  

Looking for in-person exhibitor resources? Visit the In-Person Exhibitor Planning page. 

The CES Digital Activation will allow companies to connect with attendees and media during show days and through February 28, 2023.   
Each exhibiting company will receive one Digital Activation, to include:  

  • Company name, logo, description, and contact information   
  • Live links to company website, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook accounts   Location(s) of physical booth at CES 2023 in Las Vegas  
  • Ability to upload one 30-second video   
  • Up to six product images, including a title and short description  
  • One supporting brochure/collateral (PDF) 
  • List of up to nine Exhibitor Personnel to represent your company as Digital Activation support staff. ​Note: support staff must be registered for CES 2023 and be opted in to the attendee directory.

The Digital Activation will allow exhibitors to: 

  • Network with key CES audiences who opt-in via the Attendee Directory. Likewise, attendees will be able to share contact information with exhibitors.  
  • Receive leads from attendees who gave permission to share contact information provided in a real-time dashboard (name, title, company, email)  
Detailed specs for building out your Digital Activation can be found within the Digital Activation Prospectus and Guide

Beginning in December, designated primary and secondary contacts will have access to the Digital Activation section in their exhibitor dashboards. At that time, exhibitors can begin uploading their assets, editing their company description, adding social media links and selecting product categories. Please contact exhibitorsupport@cta.tech to update the primary and secondary contacts associated with your account.

Later in December, the preview function will go live in your exhibitor dashboard. This will allow you to see the activation as an attendee will see it during the show. 

Detailed specs and instructions for building out your Digital Activation can be found within the Digital Activation Prospectus and Guide.

Starting in early November, exhibitors will be able to add or replace assets via the exhibitor dashboard as often as you’d like. Exhibitors may add or change assets at their discretion through February 28, 2023. Once the Digital Activations are live on January 5, edits will have a sync period of approximately 30 minutes.  


In November, CTA will send instructions to your Exhibit Coordinator on how to assign up to 9 employees who will  appear on your Digital Activation. Note that all staff for the in-person and digital event will need to be registered as Exhibitor Personnel.  

As part of your Digital Activation, you will select up to 5 product categories for your company. These categories will be displayed within your activation and used as filters to search within the exhibitor directory.    

We will be providing our exhibitors with a tutorial exploring the specific features of the CES 2023 digital platform in December.  

Your activation will go beyond the days of the show. Attendees and media can interact with your brand digitally during CES. The CES digital venue will be available to all media, exhibitors and select attendees who have an access pass through February 28, 2023. There will not be any access to the CES 2023 digital venue beginning March 1, 2023.  
  • Focus on how best to showcase your products in the most meaningful way to a digital audience. Reinvent your CES experience for a global digital audience.  
  • Invest in digital assets. Videos, product demonstrations and digital events provide enriched opportunities to showcase your company.  
  • Consider best practices for each asset type to create impactful and engaging experiences for attendees.  
  • If applicable, you might wish to designate a separate team of staff to manage your physical and digital booths to maximize your engagement with attendees.   
  • Note: We have heard of companies making claims that they are working with CTA and offering to create digital solutions for exhibitors for CES. We have not endorsed any company to create these solutions. 
Exhibitors will be able to:  
  • Showcase products    

  • Receive leads from those who opt in and engage with your Digital Activation  

  • Meet, have conversations and interact with attendees and media  

  • Upload materials such as a PDF, brochure or other sales or marketing materials  

  • Use closed captioning in multiple languages 

AR/VR will not be a core part of the platform. We are working to create a platform that is truly global. We need to make it accessible and easy to use for all in attendance.   
Detailed specs for building out your digital activation can be found within the Digital Activation Prospectus and Guide.
How will exhibitors engage with attendees?  
  • CES will bring highly targeted, credentialed global attendees to our exhibitors 

  • Attendees at the physical event, as well as digital-only attendees, will have access to your Digital Activations  

  • Exhibitors will be listed on the digital platform and  attendees are able to watch videos, access their assets, ask questions or set up meetings (in-person or virtually)  

  • Registrants who opt in to networking will also be listed on the digital platform  

  • Network and hold live meetings with your audience during event days and through February 28, 2023 

  • Exhibitors can further access attendees post-show through leads generated during the event 

We will share additional details about how exhibitors can inform attendees of their availability later in November.  
During CES, exhibitors will receive registration data (name, title, company, email) on those attendees who engaged with their CES experience and allowed their information to be shared. Data can be accessed in real-time by the selected digital booth staff via the activation dashboard.  
Yes, attendees who opt-in to the attendee directory can interact with each other. We are evaluating other networking capabilities for attendees to interact and communicate with each other throughout CES.
Attendees will be able to search the platform by exhibitors and by product categories.
All credentialed media will have the ability to participate in CES Media Days on January 3-4, 2023 in the digital venue. For media unable to attend CES in person, press conferences will be livestreamed and available for media. Each press conference will be available on demand following the conclusion of each press conference. All Media Day press conferences will be available for all attendees to view beginning Jan. 5, 2023. 
The Digital Activation may be created through the Exhibitor Dashboard, which can be accessed by the designated primary and secondary contacts for each exhibiting company. As a best practice, we recommend designating the individual responsible for building your Digital Activation as your secondary contact. Please contact exhibitorsupport@CTA.tech to update the primary and secondary contacts.