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Television data and audience insights company Samba TV has used CES as a platform to forward its mission to transform the television viewing experience. From its first time exhibiting as a startup, Samba TV has returned to CES every year to unveil new solutions.

 in investment from Mark Cuban

TV and data analytics company Samba TV redefines home entertainment and advertising through viewer analytics. The platform uses insights and data to enable TV content recommendations, better advertising models, and viewership analytics. Samba TV has exhibited at CES for nine consecutive years to meet with partners and discuss upcoming trends.

“Data lies at the center of any solution that makes TV better,” said Ashwin Navin, co-founder and CEO of Samba TV.

The team attributes success to its decision to exhibit at CES 2012 at the show’s inaugural Eureka Park™, the dedicated space at CES where now more than 1,200 startups showcase their innovations each year, then featuring fewer than 100 startups.

“CES was and is the place to meet TV manufacturers,” Navin said. “Without CES, we wouldn’t have been able to engage in this marketplace.”

The people, the environment, the attitude, the energy at CES — it’s unbeatable.

Ashwin Navin
Co-founder and CEO, Samba TV

Navin and his team’s decision paid off when celebrity investor Mark Cuban stopped by the booth and Samba TV secured a major $500,000 investment from its first CES exhibit.

Samba TV returned to Eureka Park in 2013, and then for CES 2014, the company grew to a space at C Space in ARIA, an area at CES focused on marketing, advertising, content and entertainment.

“The people, the environment, the attitude, the energy at CES — it’s unbeatable,” Navin said.

Samba TV returned to CES 2020 for its ninth year exhibiting to unveil its newest product, TV Boost. The cross-channel activation solution merges Samba TV’s viewership data with its media inventory so that advertisers can maximize the results of their campaigns.

The team hoped to show the advertising community that comes to C Space that Samba TV solutions can help the unique marketing challenges that come as a result of evolving  TV viewership, and they aimed to highlight the importance of privacy and transparency.

From CES 2020, Samba TV secured meetings, significant partnerships and insights for the future of TV.

Navin emphasized that there is no doubt that Samba TV will be returning to CES for years to come.

“If you are building a product or service that touches consumers, CES is where you’ll engage with everyone you need to meet,” he said. “It’s really a critical venue.”

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