Philips, a global leader in healthcare technology and a member of the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)®, returns to CES® year after year to secure media coverage and new partnerships.

innovations by Philips launched at CES

Philips is a leader in the health technology industry, and they create everything from personal health solutions to clinical products for the medical community. The company aims to improve three billion lives a year by 2030, and their leadership looked toward CES as the starting point.

“It’s an ambitious goal,” said Marty Gordon, VP of alliances at Philips. “That’s where CES comes in, giving us the opportunity to connect with the industry and meet with existing and potential partners that share our passion for making life better.”

Having exhibited at CES for 38 years, including the very first CES in 1967, Philips continues to participate in CES to lead industry conversations, debut products — such as the Philips SmartSleep headband at CES 2018 — build media coverage and develop new partnerships.

At CES 2020, Philips showcased its personalized consumer health solutions as part of the Digital Health Summit conference program and focused on three major health tech areas: oral health, sleep, and mother and child care.

CES is about innovation and really clever ideas. It’s the one spot where you see all the different players and angles of the health care world and more.

Pat Baird
Head of Global Software Standards, Philips

“CES is about innovation and really clever ideas,” said Pat Baird, head of global software standards at Philips. “It’s the one spot where you see all the different players and angles of the health care world and more.”

From its presence at CES, Philips secured coverage from major news networks including CNN, CNET, Business Insider and more, as well as social media influencers.

“CES is a melting pot of innovation and a global platform, and we receive global publicity from it,” Gordon said. “Things just keep getting better, and it really starts with generating visibility at shows like CES.”

Philips plans to keep exhibiting to CES, meeting new clients and taking the stage at the world’s most influential tech event to showcase cutting-edge health tech solutions.

“We come back because of those innovations and those ideas, and the contacts that you make,” Baird said. “And also, we come back for the sharing of experiences. There’s a lot of value in that.”

Gordon said, “There’s no better platform than when you get the whole industry under one roof.”

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