William "Scarra" Li

Twitch Streamer and Co-Host, "Beyond the Rift"

William “Scarra" Li, is currently one of the world’s leading Twitch streamers. With over 65.5 million channel views on his Twitch account, Scarra is a definitive pioneer in the esports industry. He first started as a professional gamer playing League of Legends for Team Dignitas for 3 years. After many accolades as a pro, Scarra then joined North America’s leading esports teams, Counter Logic Gaming, as their Head Coach. He has also been invited on the League of Legends analyst desk as a regular for his deep and methodical understanding of the game. Now as a full-time streamer and content creator on Twitch and YouTube, he also co-hosts the #1 Twitch talk show “Beyond the Rift” with Imaqtpie.

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