Dr. Georges Aoude

Co-Founder and CEO, Derq

Dr. Georges Aoude is the CEO and co-founder of Derq, an MIT-spinoff with a mission to eliminate road accidents and save lives by using artificial intelligence and V2X technology. Through its proprietary and award winning technology, Derq can predict and help prevent road collisions for both conventional and autonomous vehicles leveraging smart city and connected vehicle ecosystems. Derq was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in Dubai and Michigan, and in 2017 was selected to join the prestigious Techstars Mobility program in Detroit. Dr. Aoude holds a Ph.D. and M.S. in Aerospace Engineering from MIT, where he worked closely with NASA, US Navy, and Ford. Dr. Aoude is also an inventor and his patented work in connected and autonomous technologies has been published in leading academic journals and featured in the press, including New York Times, Wired, and MIT News. His space satellite research has also been tested by astronauts in the International Space Station in collaboration with NASA. After MIT, Dr. Aoude has consulted governments, multinationals, and startups in North America and the GCC for more than 10 years on transportation and aerospace challenges. His points of view are regularly published in key outlets including Harvard Business Review, TIME, and Forbes, and he is invited to speak at conferences on topics related to smart cities, autonomous vehicles, and artificial intelligence.

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