Persia Hancock

Video Host & Commentator, Gamespot, CBS

Samantha "Persia" Hancock is a Commentator and Host currently working with Gamespot. With over 15 years in the competitive gaming space and over 8 years in esports broadcasting, she became the first female commentator at the world's largest fighting game event, Evolution, and has helped inspire a new generation of female commentators. Persia is also the Founder of XO Academy, which is an initiative that helps women in the Fighting Game Community compete in major tournaments by providing a rigorous training program that partners them with professional players, marketing and branding experts, physical therapists, and more to succeed as a driving force in esports. From competing in grassroots events to hosting at the Barclays Center, Persia has experienced many different aspects of what esports is today and how it has grown in the last decade.

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