Christa Steele

Corporate Board Director & Former CEO,

Christa Steele is an experienced CEO, Board Member, and thought leader of Digital Disruption & Corporate Governance in the new digital age. Steele currently serves on the Board of Directors of Recology, OFG Bancorp and Tanimura & Antle. Steele is an authority figure on blockchain, AI, the IoT, and digital disruption to the boardroom. She is a founding member of The Muskoka Group and an investor in Until recently, Steele was a partner & board member of FIG Partners, a highly successful investment bank focused on M&A, Capital Markets, Fixed Income Asset Mgt, and IPO’s with ten locations across the United States. In April 2019, FIG Partners was acquired by Janney. Prior to board directorship, Steele spent two decades in the financial services industry serving retail, wealth management and commercial clientele. Most notably, during her tenure, she became the youngest CEO in the U.S. to lead a $3.5 Billion asset size bank located in the San Francisco Bay Area of CA.

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