Mariana Danilovic

Managing Director, Infiom

Ms. Danilovic manages Infiom, a global blockchain, DLT, AI, AR/VR and disruptive technologies accelerator focused on later stage ventures. Infiom partners with Fortune 500 companies and global accelerators to enable adoption and further acceleration of disruptive technologies markets. Prior to Infiom, Ms. Danilovic was a Managing Director of BitAngels. Ms. Danilovic is also the Founder and CEO of Hollywood Portfolio, a crowd-centric accelerator for digital media start-ups. Ms. Danilovic serves on the Board of Directors of Vortex Immersion, Board of Advisors of System 9, Knowbella Tech, NightFlight, Scanta, and SuperWorld. Ms. Danilovic was the EVP Business Development for NTN Buzztime, Inc. (AMEX:NTN) and Head of Business Development, Content Aggregation and Programming for MediaZone, a broadband video company owned by NASPERS. She also ran the Digital Media Incubator at KPMG LLP. She served on the Board of Directors of the Producers’ Guild of America and the Tim Draper’s Zone Club.

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