Charlotte Kjellander

Research Manager, Holst Centre/TNO

Passionate about creating innovative prototypes for new and fantastic products, Charlotte Kjellander is currently leading the wearable electronics group at the R&D institute the Holst Centre, TNO, the Netherlands. Her group has a strong focus on human centric wearable concepts for device applications in the medical and healthy living sector. Being a results-driven materials scientist, with MSc in Chemical Technologies from Lund Institute of Technologies, Lund University, Sweden, including an educational period at EPFL, Switzerland, and PhD in Materials Sciences from Eindhoven University of Technology (TUe), the Netherlands, her main research interest includes functional and responsive organic and polymeric materials for optical and electronical applications. With professional experience in academia, R&D institutes and industry, Charlotte is driven to deliver added value to industry by in-depth technological advances and hands-on prototypes of novel health patches and smart fashion-tech.

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