Parrish Hanna

CEO / Founder, Movotiv

Our considerations when moving from Point A to Point B plus our means of movement are evolving quickly. New forms of vehicles (shape, size, interaction, power) and models of access (sharing, hailing, swapping, subscribing) are disrupting the Auto & Transportation industries. Progressive companies are exploring new service models, nurturing a pipeline of connected product innovation and studying the effects of these changes on consumers (Now, Near & Far). Parrish beings a fresh perspective and a breadth of skills that he shares with OEMs, suppliers, software integrators, start-ups and others to assist with the planning & design of future vehicles, services and system design. His point-of-view is informed by vast experience defining and managing physical & digital human-centered strategy and delivery teams in the consumer electronics, telecom, mobile and web services industries as well as years spent as a Global Director at an OEM. Prior to forming movotiv, Parrish served as the Global Director of UX - Interaction & Ergonomics (including Human-Machine Interface) at Ford Motor Company. His global teams focused on contemporary vehicle design issues – from EV strategy, to smart systems, infotainment, connectivity, component design, next-gen cockpit layout and more. He has held similar design strategy positions at Motorola and Samsung, has led Digital Strategy for a large media holding company and co-founded and managed the industry’s first User Experience firm, HannaHodge.

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