Amaury Kosman

CEO, Circular

Amaury Kosman is the co-founder and CEO of Circular. Circular is an award-winning wellness smart ring with advanced features to expand human capabilities and check on your well-being. Amaury strongly believes in the power of wearables and has established an exceptional multi-disciplinary team that is pioneering new ways of analyzing body signals with unique recommendations about wellness, sleep, and activity by designing the most miniaturized electronics made for wellness wearables. By combining fashion, miniaturization and machine learning, Circular's goal is to become the wearable experience of the future. As a wearable enthusiast and bio hacker at heart, he is committed to helping consumers engage with their own health through technology. With unique datasets and correlations, his goal is to fuel the scientific community with more informative and new ways of treating and preventing various disorders.

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