Jesse McCulloch

Program Manager, Mixed Reality Developer Ecosystem, Microsoft

Jesse McCulloch is a Program Manager on the Mixed Reality Developer Ecosystem team at Microsoft. Starting as a Mixed Reality Developer in 2016, he has built up a strong community around HoloLens and Immersive Headsets, and then joined Microsoft in 2018 to help lead efforts in cultivating the developer ecosystem. While this timeline is short relative to how long academia has been working in this technology space, Jesse has been along for this current wave of early commercial adoption and has felt the joys and pains of trying to bring a new technology to the world. This gives him a very unique perspective and strong desire to advocate strongly for the developers who are supporting the platforms. He is often found hanging out in developer Slack groups, on Twitter trying to keep up with everything going on in this rapidly growing space, or in a big metal tube flying through the air on his way to engage with developers in the real world.

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