Najwa Aaraj

Chief Researcher, Technology Innovation Institute

Dr. Najwa Aaraj is the Chief Researcher of the Cryptography Research Center at TII. Dr. Aaraj leads the research and development of cryptographic technologies, including postquantum cryptography (PQC) software libraries and hardware implementations, lightweight cryptographic libraries for embedded and RF systems, cryptanalysis, and applied machine learning for cryptographic technologies. She is also Acting Chief Researcher at TII’s Autonomous Robotics Research Centre (ARRC). Dr. Aaraj has more than 15 years of experience with global firms, working in multiple geographies from Australia to the United States. She was formerly at Booz & Company, where she led consulting engagements in the communication and technology industry for clients globally. She also held positions at IBM T.J. Watson Security Research in New York State, Intel in Portland, Oregon. Dr Aaraj is on the advisory board of New York-based NeuTigers, a leading-edge startup revolutionizing the next generation of energy/latency-efficient artificial intelligence (AI). She is also a board member and adviser to multiple security and machine learning startups including Okinawa Graduate Institute of Science and Technology. She is a member of the Strategic Advisory Group of Paladin Capital Group based out of Washington DC. She has also been appointed as the chairman of the UAE AI Expert Group, UAE Council for AI and Blockchain.


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