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The Women of CTA Celebrate Women’s History Month

Overview This Women’s History Month we are putting the spotlight on the women at Consumer Technology Association (CTA)® who make CES® possible. Learn what Women’s History Month means to them and tag us on social media and tell us about the women in tech who inspire you.

Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day gives us another opportunity to showcase women’s achievements, embrace diverse female voices, and call for gender equality.

At CES® and the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)®, we are proud to welcome visionary female industry champions to our events and stages. This March, we are celebrating by sharing the stories of some recognizable CTA faces and the women working behind the scenes of the most powerful tech event in the world.

How do we elevate more women in tech?


"It’s important to create environments that foster inclusivity and diversity and opportunities. I also think mentoring is the best way that we can support women in tech. I have benefited from tremendous mentors, and I am so thankful for everything that I have learned and gained from my experience with them."
– Kinsey Fabrizio, President, CTA

"By investing in women. As you may or may not know, less than 2% of venture funds go to women and underrepresented founders and entrepreneurs."
– Megan Hauck, Sr. Program Manager, Diversity Initiatives

"I think it’s about making sure that everyone has a seat at the table. You have to be able to bring your ideas, it’s the different thoughts from individuals. I think that is how we get to elevating women in technology."
– Jamie Thomas, Vice President Human Resources

As a woman in tech, what does Women’s History Month mean to you?


"Women’s History Month is about history and its important that we understand it so that we do not repeat some of the worst things in history, how we treated women, and making sure as we go forward that we’re learning those lessons, and we are taking advantage of all the talent that’s on the table and that women are at the forefront."
Tiffany Moore, Sr. VP, Political and Industry Affairs

"It is a time to recognize and celebrate female accomplishments, achievements but also struggles of women throughout history. In the technology space, women’s voices are essential for driving innovation and building a more inclusive society."
– Caroline Scott, Director, Membership

"To me means acknowledging the female mentors that I’ve had in my career. The women who have given me their time, their advice, to help me navigate the space of not only the tech industry but the professional community that we’re a part of."
– Lauren Forrer, Specialist, Event Communications

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