CES Trademark Usage Guidelines

The Consumer Technology Association® (“CTA”) owns, manages and operates CES® and is the registered trademark holder of the CES name and logos (“CES Marks”) throughout the world. Since 1967, CTA has worked to develop the Consumer Electronics Show®, CES, as the leading tradeshow for the consumer technology industry that is recognized around the globe. Consequently, the CES Marks have earned status as renowned trademarks, have acquired substantial good will and are valuable business assets of CTA.

These Trademark Usage Guidelines outline how to use the CES Marks in a manner that will continue to protect the CES brand while allowing you to promote your CES involvement. Except as specifically stated in these Guidelines, all use of the CES Marks requires advance written approval from CTA. The CES Marks approved for use through these Guidelines is not a definitive or complete list of CTA’s trademarks. Unauthorized use of any of CTA’s trademarks may constitute an infringement of CTA’s rights.

Social media offers exciting opportunities for CES enthusiasts to share their interest using our brand. Please recognize that these Guidelines are equally applicable for content in print or posted on the Internet, including social media platforms.

1. What are the CES Marks?

The “CES Marks” include, but are not limited to, trademarks, names, and logos owned by CTA related to CES. The CES Marks may be portrayed as word marks containing only text (e.g., CES) or in a design format, such as the logo.

2. Who can use the CES Marks?

CTA encourages media to cover CES in their editorial content. CTA grants you non-transferable, limited, non-exclusive, royalty-free, revocable permission to use the CES Marks solely in connection with the current CES show, at which you are a recognized press outlet. You agree to use the CES Marks in accordance with the guidelines. Editorial content includes show coverage, news reporting, and social commentary that expresses opinions or provides objective reporting about CES. Editorial content is typically acceptable without a license, but any content that suggests CES approves of the content will require a licensing agreement, and CTA reserves the right to request removal of said content.

If you are a current CES exhibitor, CTA grants you permission to use the CES Marks as outlined in your executed Exhibit Space Contract, and as it relates to your CES presence. A separate licensing agreement is not needed.

Official partners and vendors are permitted to use the CES logo as outlined in their respective executed agreements, and as it relates to their CES presence. You should review your agreement prior to using CES Marks as it may contain certain benefits and obligations not contained in these Guidelines. A separate licensing agreement is not needed.

Please fill out the Logo Usage Request Form to confirm whether your proposed use requires a licensing agreement.

3. Do you need a license agreement?

  • If you are not a current CES exhibitor and you want to use the CES Marks in association with the promotion of products or services, CTA requires a licensing agreement. Such “commercial use” of the CES Marks without a licensing agreement is strictly prohibited. This includes using the CES Marks on any social media or on the Internet.

  • CTA must approve use of the CES Marks in conjunction with any web URLs.

  • Additionally, CTA requires a licensing agreement if you want to use the CES Marks in a hashtag (#) for any commercial purpose.

  • If you want to use the CES Marks in connection with any raffles, giveaways, auctions, contests, sweepstakes, competitions, or similar activities, CTA requires a licensing agreement.

4. How do you request a trademark license for the CES Marks?

CTA requires you fill out the Logo Usage Request Form if you wish to request a trademark license to use the CES Marks. Please note that CTA reserves the right to approve or deny any license request in its sole discretion.

If you are granted a license agreement, CTA expects and you agree to carefully review the terms of the license agreement, and ensure that any designed uses of the CES Marks fall under the uses authorized under the license.

5. How should you display the CES Marks?

Please ensure that any reference to the CES Marks are truthful, fair, and not misleading.

  •  Incorporate trademark notice.

    • The registered symbol (“®”) must appear alongside the CES Marks the first time the CES Marks are used in textual content. The registered symbol will automatically be included in the approved logos.

    • In advertising and marketing materials, press releases, presentations, brochures, reports, or on websites, please include an acknowledgment of CTA’s ownership of the CES Marks as follows: “CES® is a registered trademark of Consumer Technology Association (CTA)®.” The acknowledgement is usually placed at the end or bottom of materials and websites.

  • Adhere to Logo Guidelines.

    • Upon licensing the CES Marks, you may download a high-resolution version of the art (see Section 6) comprising the CES Marks (“Logo”) and the corresponding guidelines (“Logo Guidelines”). Any licensee that is issued a trademark license for a Logo will be required to follow the Logo Guidelines.

  • Proper Brand Use:

    • Since CES is recognized as a global event, CTA no longer uses “International” in the event name or logo. The official name of the global technology event is “CES®.” Please do not use “Consumer Electronics Show” to refer to CES. If you choose to reference the year when referring to CES, it should come after the event. Example – “CES 2018.” Please refer to our Branding Guidelines Cheat Sheet for additional proper messaging.

  • Use the CES Marks in the way they were intended to be used.

    • Do not alter the CES Marks in any way. The CES Marks must be displayed exactly as written (in the case of a word mark) or rendered (in the case of a Logo). CTA must expressly approve and license any alterations of any CES Marks, including combining any part of one of the CES Marks with your company’s name, trademarks, or other terms, for hashtags, websites, advertisements, or any other uses. CTA reserves the rights to withhold approval in its sole discretion. If CTA  permits any such modified/variation mark, CTA will own said mark and you may use the mark pursuant to a written license agreement from CTA.

  • Do not imply affiliation.

    • You may not use the CES Marks to imply any partnership, sponsorship, or endorsement with or by CTA without CTA’s advance written approval

6. What is not allowed?

  • Do not modify or alter the CES Marks.

  • Do not use the CES Marks in a way that confuses CES with another brand, or in a way that indicates an endorsement, sponsorship or association with or by CES.

  • Do not use CES Marks or potentially confusing variations in your Internet domain name or social media accounts.

  • CES Attendees are permitted and encouraged to discuss CES using the name in text only. Logo usage is not permitted.

  • Consumer Technology Association Members are permitted to use their CTA Member logo, but not the CES Marks unless they have official show participation per Section 2.

  • Do not use the CES Marks, or any similar variations thereof, in association with a promotion or operation of an event that has not been approved or sanctioned by CTA.

  • Do not use the CES Marks in a disparaging manner or in a way that violates any law or regulation.

  • Do not display the CES Marks in a manner that suggests or implies that you own or control the CES Marks.

7. Where can you find the approved CES Marks?

You can find design formats of the below CES Marks on our resources page:

  • CES®

  • The Consumer Technology Association®

CTA reserves the right to modify or change the terms of these Guidelines at any time at its sole discretion.