Hans Vestberg, Chairman and CEO, Verizon
Mariah Scott, President of Skyward
Bala Ganesh, Vice President, Advanced Technology Group, UPS
Sanyogita Shamsunder, VP of Technology Develompent and 5G Labs, Verizon
Carole Tome, CEO, UPS

Mariah Scott, President of Skyward

I'm Mariah Scott, President of Skyward. I love technology and I love aviation, and drones sit at the intersection of those two areas.

Skyward invested in creating an aviation development center. You can think of it as an outdoor testing facility for next-generational capabilities.

5G Ultra Wideband will allow us to manage drones safely and securely, and to integrate them
into our communities.That technology is like what broadband was for the internet. I'll be able to coordinate fleets of drones remotely to do deliveries, to deliver packages.

5G makes that possible because of the ultra-low latency, the massive capacity and bandwidth, the security and reliability. Those are all critical components to achieving that future vision and doing it in a safe and reliable way.

Director of the Aviation Development Center

5G has really changed the picture from us from going through small first-person view screens to now we can do virtual reality in 4K in both eyes, allowing you to see in stereo. It's really a game changer, it makes you feel like you're on the aircraft, but from the ground.

It really is incredible technology.

Mariah Scott

Over the last year, Skyward has been working on proving out the delivery use case for drones. We've been working closely with UPS and their drone delivery program to actually test out and demonstrate connected flights for drone delivery.

Bala Ganesh, Vice President, Advanced Technology Group, UPS

UPS is working with a variety of partners who are coming together to create this ecosystem of smart cities.

The firm is basically an area in Louisville, where we can test a lot of these drones.

5G is the glue that puts it all together. That is what enables us to control and communicate with these drones that are flying around.

Today, you may be ordering a prescription on a mail-order pharmacy, which may take 3-4 days. Tomorrow, you would order it and within 30 minutes, it's at your front door. That is the future of delivery we're talking about.

The advanced technology group here at UPS is laying together those layers: autonomous
vehicles, robots, drones. When we put these building blocks together, held together by the
glue of Verizon's 5G, it is going to change the world.

Sanyogita Shamsunder, VP of Technology Develompent and 5G Labs, Verizon

Verizon's 5G technology allows businesses to be able to rapidly transform. 5G is going to make a great impact, and we at Verizon believe that it will touch everything. 

Hans Vestberg, Chairman and CEO, Verizon

Verizon's Skyward team has been taking connectivity to the sky and testing a network
for drones over the past year.

This is to support not only connected cameras and sensors, but also for applications that will transform our daily lives, like package delivery, an initiative that UPS has been working
on for a few years now.

But now with 5G, you have a digital connection that can create all kinds of new possibilities.
Again, it just gets better.

Here to tell us more is UPS CEO, Carol Tome, who has an announcement to share. Carol?

Carole Tome, CEO, UPS

That's right, Hans. At UPS, we created UPS Flight Forward, our drone delivery company, certified by the FAA in 2019.

Since then, we've operated more than 3,800 successful drone delivery flights. But what's more important is how we're leveraging the technology. We continue to test new concepts that will make this technology more accessible and effective for specialized deliveries.

Today, our drone operations help the health care industry reduce time in transit for things like lab specimens, cancer transfusion kits, and life-saving medications, just to name a few.

Hans Vestberg

Skyward and UPS have been working together, testing drones, and now we're committed to exploring new opportunities.

Carol Tome

The global pandemic has driven us to accelerate the development of new and creative solutions to ensure our customers get what they need when and where they need it.

Autonomous mobility, supported by advanced technologies like 5G and drones, will be more critical in the future, and we will continue to rely on partners like Verizon and Skyward
to enable them.

As we develop our UPS Flight Forward business, we will need the capabilities to manage and support multiple drones flying simultaneously, dispatched from a centralized location, operating in a secure and safe environment.

To do this at scale, alongside Verizon and Skyward, we will need the power of 5G. For example, we are working with Verizon on using drones for delivery of retail products at The Villages in Florida.

Hans Vestberg

Drone delivery has the potential to be more on-demand in more sustainable communities. Managing these aerial delivery vehicles over the 5G network will allow us to lift up from congested streets.

This partnership will also demonstrate the potential for 5G Ultra Wideband and Skyward to support nationwide drone delivery network.

Carol Tome

It's an exciting time. Blue skies are ahead, Hans.