- All right, James, thanks so much for hanging out with us. I know that CES is obviously a really busy time for you, right?

- It is. There's always something going on here.

- Always something shaking. So we know every year at CES, Samsung, they show up the latest innovations in TV and home entertainment, that's one of the spaces that I love. So can you tell us about Samsung's latest innovations. What have you guys really unveiled here at CES 2021?

- Absolutely, Brian. In 2020, the tech that people wanted became the tech that they needed, as everyone was at home more. Whether it was ordering food, distance learning, or even consuming content. And so as we look at 2021, people are going to continue to be agile and their needs are going to change. And so the products we're going to introduce, are going to meet those needs, but we also have to be agile. So this year we announced a MicroLED, which we've had out for a couple of years, but now in a consumer version right out of the box 110 inches up on the wall amazing picture quality. Neo QLED right, really small LEDs, powered by a Neo quantum processor for upscaling and amazing picture quality. And then the frame, we cut the depth of it by 50%. So we'll continue to make those innovations and bring those things to market.

- You bring up a lot of cool points because this is just my own personal take, Samsung in my opinion has really... Every TV's brands have different strengths and stuff, but you guys to me have the best designs from a standpoint of different kinds of designs. You have The Sero TV, The Serif, The Frame is another one, that's just like a lifestyle one. Just really cool, unique ways. And so because of design, we know that we're all at home during this pandemic and for us TV has become really that primary screen for entertainment. It's like this true hub for our family networks. So maybe what are some of Samsung's visions that are related to these key trends for 2021?

- Yeah, I think last year redefined the role of TV in the home, right. It went from, as you said, an entertainment device, it's certainly that now and more, but people use it to work from home, to exercise, to connect with loved ones. So we'll continue to innovate in that space. As an example, the MicroLED, we just launched, right. It has something called Multi View, which is four independent sources, right, all at one time. So you can take a work call and keep up on news, or do a video call with your loved ones and still play your video game. We'll continue to innovate in the products and where you want to use them. We introduced The Terrace, right, which took that living room experience outside, or The Premiere, which brought the movie theater experience in the home as people were staying home. So we lead, our innovation is led by consumer insights, passions, and needs. And we'll continue to do that.

- I mean, I'm a big home theater person. So feel free to send any of those innovations my way whenever you feel like it. Let me know. We're talking about TVs a lot. TV needs to be supported by sound. So what do you have in these kinds of speakers in soundbar area with stuff that you've been announcing here at the show?

- Yeah, we see a big demand for premium audio experience. So we have a number of products in our soundbar lineup, new technology, tap audio, right. You take your device, you just touch the soundbar instant pairing. We have object tracking sound which gives you an immersive audio experience when you combine a Samsung TV and soundbar together, picture of a helicopter going from one side of the screen all the way down to the soundbar, a bass boost, right, one click, two dB of bass up really incredible stuff.

- So I think the last question I have for all this is we know times are different, but maybe for you, how are this year's trends really influenced Samsung's plans for the future? How did they change your thinking of how to approach things?

- I think we gotta remember to put the consumers needs and passions at the forefront of our development. You look at now, right, 70% of consumers have taken a video call on their TV. So now, like with an optional Logitech camera, Google duo, you can take those video calls on your TV. You want to review a work presentation, right. The latest Microsoft Office 365 optimized for our TV browser. So again, you got to take a step back, put the consumer first and we'll continue to innovate around that.

- Do you have a personal favorite product from the lineup? To see if you want to just throw it out there. Personal favorite? Oh, come on man, now he's showing off.

- One of my things.

- In case you didn't recognize, this is The Sero TV behind me that I rotated just to flex a little, huh?

- You asked, Brian.

- I did. That was awesome, James. Well, you know, great stuff with the innovation and again those TVs looking real nice and juicy. Appreciate your time here and have a great CES, all right.

- Thanks Brian, you too, take care.


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