From screen and text readers to speech input software and voice activation, witness the technological shift revolutionizing the way people live, work and play — regardless of age or ability. 

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Innovative Accessibility: Improving User Experiences for All

An exploration of how accessibility features in emerging technologies improve user experience for consumers with disabilities.


As the home for digital health innovation, CES in Las Vegas is where you’ll discover ground-breaking tech accelerating the digital transformation of healthcare and empowering people worldwide to prioritize wellbeing.


people worldwide report some form of disability

The latest on Accessibility

Breaching Barriers with Inclusive Tech

From advanced screen readers for braille displays to adaptive devices for gaming, the world’s top brands are making technology more accessible. Today, devices and services are being designed to better accommodate users’ eyesight, hearing, age, mobility status and other challenges. In this way, companies ranging from startups to global brands such as Microsoft and Google are working to fully open the tech marketplace to people with disabilities. Here’s a look at what they’re doing.

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