Explore the road to driverless mobility through ride-and-drive experiences. Test drive a variety of technologies that support the future of self-driving cars, including parking assist, collision avoidance, emergency braking and much more.

The New Mobility: Redefining the Auto Industry


The New Mobility: Redefining the Auto Industry

Car tech is redefining the automobile and reshaping the auto industry, emphasizing mobility and, in the process, transforming not just a vehicle’s operations, but also its interactions with people and objects.

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The latest on Self-Driving Cars

How will Self-Driving Cars Impact Cities?

Today, cars and cities are inextricably linked, and this will continue as the future is dominated by self-driving vehicles. But the tie-up means both will have to evolve in unison, say experts steeped in autonomous vehicles, smart city technologies and urban studies. To wit: self-driving vehicles must learn to navigate complex environments filled with pedestrians and other obstacles while cities become modified to accommodate them.

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