Explore the road to driverless mobility through ride-and-drive experiences. Test drive a variety of technologies that support the future of self-driving cars, including parking assist, collision avoidance, emergency braking and much more.

LiDAR Lights the Way

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LiDAR Lights the Way

You can't navigate the world without perceiving what's around you, through sight or some other means — and the same is true for cars. Besides high-definition maps that help determine precisely where a vehicle is, automakers are pursuing new ways a self-driving car can react to the people and objects along its path. With enough support, some could be on the road next year.

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Economic Impact: Self-Driving Vehicles

The key objective of this research is to provide an overview of how the U.S. economy is expected to be impacted when Level 4/5 self-driving vehicles become ubiquitous in the United States, as well as to understand impact from a timing perspective.

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