Our planet is faced with recurring shocks and stresses that are increasing in frequency and magnitude, and now more than ever, we need resilient technologies. The new resilience conference and exhibition will highlight technologies that are helping with preparedness, responsiveness and recovery for a more secure world.

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Resilience: Securing New Tech for a Safer World

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Resilience: Securing New Tech for a Safer World

Hear from two experts in the resilience field as they discuss the ways that cities and corporations can use new technology to prepare for a safer world.


Carmichael Roberts, Entrepreneur, Founder and Managing Partner, Material Impact; Nichole Jordan, National Managing Partner of Markets, Clients & Industry, Grant Thornton LLP

More About Resilience

Resilient technologies are those that, even in the face of adversity, keep the world healthy, safe, warm, powered, fed and secure. Resilience at CES will cover these technologies and topics including communication and redundancies, energy, water crises, cybersecurity, health, and disaster recovery.


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The Latest on Resilience

Your #1 Partner for a Resilient City (Hint: Think Electric Power)

There's no better partner for a resilient city than an electric company. Few would argue that restoring electric power is the first concern after a disaster, and few would argue that resilient electric power requires smart technologies.

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