Keynote Procedures for Media

CES keynote addresses are held in two venues: The Venetian’s Palazzo Ballroom (5th Floor) and The Park Theater at Monte Carlo Resort and Casino.

Media Arrival Time

The doors open at firm times. 

  • The Venetian: 60 minutes prior to all keynotes
  • The Park Theater: Information to come

Media Mult Box Locations

The Venetian Palazzo Ballroom
The Mult Box is located against the wall at the back of the house. Walk to the left when entering the ballroom. No cables are supplied. Risers will be in place for broadcast cameras. 

The Park Theater
Information to come.


  • Use of RF transmitters is strictly prohibited.
  • All video cameras must set up in the designated filming areas in each venue.
  • No cameras on tripods can set up in the audience seating area.

Media Mult Box Connection Details

Standard Definition NTSC (audio connection separate) 

  • 24ch Standard Definition (Anamorphic) Video – audio connection separate.
  • BNC / NTSC / 525i@29.97
  • Please bring your own BNC cable (25’ cable length recommended).

High-Definition HD-SDI (with audio embedded)

  • 24ch High Definition (16:9) Video
  • BNC / HDSDI / 720p@59.94
  • Please bring your own BNC cable (25’ cable length recommended).


  • 24ch Analog Audio – XLR / Mic & Line level
  • Please bring your own XLR cable (25’ cable length recommended).

Wi-Fi and Media Rooms

Wi-Fi is not provided in the keynote rooms so as not to interfere with any product demonstrations during the keynote presentations. Please plan accordingly. 

Media rooms do have Wi-Fi. 

See locations and hours of media rooms. >