Returning for its sixth CES, DJI released its new controller for its civilian drone Mavic 2 systems at CES 2019, earning coverage on major media outlets for its latest products.

As a leader in civilian drones, DJI creates flying and camera stabilization systems that help creators capture high-end photos and videos, and transform complex drone technology into easy-to-use devices.

DJI returned for its sixth CES to showcase a brand-new remote controller for its most popular drone series, the Mavic 2. Foldable and incorporating high-level functions, the Mavic 2 series controller helps redefine aerial photography for many creators.

“Every year, CES is a new opportunity to show our latest products,” says DJI senior Communications Manager Patrick Santucci. “It’s a chance to give potential clients hands-on time with the product and show the value of the investment.”

CES is the ideal opportunity to showcase your product and get coverage in the largest publications, from USAToday to TechCrunch.

Patrick Santucci
Senior Communications Manager, DJI

With an open booth space that included demo stations and a flight cage, and a set of meeting rooms in the back, the DJI booth attracts prospective buyers in the entry level, consumer, professional and pro-sumer markets.

“The buzz of a drone is an intriguing sound,” Santucci says. “It attracts the right people. A lot of business gets done at CES.”

Since its first exhibit in 2014, aligning with its first major product in the consumer market, DJI has grown significantly. DJI has recognized the value of unveiling products at CES, and it launched two products at CES 2018: a low-cost consumer drone and a mobile stabilizer.

For CES 2019, DJI secured a segment on CNN that aired right before the opening day of the show that demoed the DJI products on live TV.

 “That could really only happen at a show like CES,” Santucci says. “It’s a humongous opportunity.”

DJI keeps returning to CES to gain media coverage, allow potential buyers to interact with their products, and meet with partners and potential clients.

“Whether it’s media, or dealers or ecommerce, a lot of things happen at this show,” says Santucci. “At CES, we cover everything that has to do with our business. That’s why we keep coming back.”

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